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April 2019

Table Etiquette Day 

“The way you treat your food on your plate is a reflection of the way you treat people in your life. Learning how to dine teaches you not just how to eat but how to treat people.” ― Rajiv Talreja​

Table etiquette comprises the rules used while eating, which also include the use of cutlery and crockery. 
To start with children must be taught to:
​Ask politely for things to be passed if they cannot reach them.
Not complain about the food. 
Not lick lick their fingers or knife.
Not pick their teeth or smack their lips.
Ask to be excused when they have finished eating and want to leave the table.
Use their cutlery properly. 
Good manners should be used at every meal, even when dining alone, so that they become natural and habitual.

The children of the Pre-Primary and Primary Department of GEMS Akademia International School observed 'Table Etiquette Day' on 26th April 2019. They brought forks, spoons, paper plates and paper napkins. Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, the children followed the table manners shown to them. They sat in pairs and enjoyed the activity, while eating their snacks. 
The learning was reinforced through an audio visual module that displayed the etiquette and table manners. 
'Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot '- Clarence Thomas.

World Book Day workshop in the Primary Section

World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day, or International Day of the Book is an annual event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. 
Gems Akademia International School's Primary Section celebrated with great enthusiasm this unique Day! 
Grades 3 and 4 followed DEAR to the T and had great fun with their respective subject teachers joining them during the DEAR! 

Grade 5 however had the most exciting opportunity to celebrate World Book Day, thanks to contribution of Mrs Swati who is also a parent of one of our Akademians! 
Mrs.Swati Bakshi Purkayastha is a language teacher and social worker based in Kolkata. She established a unique English teaching and training institute for Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level students, called Funlish which is running for 23 years now. A decade ago she started an NGO, Thakurpukur Center for Peace and Development Initiative, under which she founded an English Medium Primary School, Century Tulipdale Public School for the under and less privileged children. 
For the workshop, the children gathered together and under the able guidance of Mrs Swati they wrote and published their own books!! Yes, it was a one of a kind experience for our little authors. They thoroughly enjoyed the Book Making Workshop and as quoted by one of the children, "We will never forget today's wonderful experience in our lives. Thank you to our School and our Teachers for whom we celebrated World Book Day in such a unique way'! 
"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

World Book Day is celebrated on April 23 annually, the main aim being to encourage children and others to read books. The Boarders of GAIS created imaginative and colourful Book Covers as one of their group activities on this day. They used the names of familiar and well-read books as their inspiration, and their group's collective imagination for the covers themselves.

Drop Everything and Read at GAIS

GAIS celebrated World Book Day with its DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) programme on Tuesday, 23rd April across all grades from I to XII. Students, Teachers, Administrative and Support Staff participated by picking up books and reading them from 10:05 AM to 10:45 AM. Many excited children lined up to borrow books from the library. GAIS aims to continue the tradition in the years to come as it would promote the important skill of reading to all its students.

Earth Day - Pre Primary and Primary Departments 

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” - Robert Swan

22nd April, Earth Day, which was observed at our School, is about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth, while at the same time, educating ourselves about what we have and what we are losing by acting in ways that aren’t environmentally friendly.

Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

As they are encouraged to do every year, this year too the children of GEMS Akademia International School,took a pledge to make a lifestyle change that would impact not only those within the school but also the community outside of the school.
Children of Pre Primary and Primary Departments prepared posters displaying methods and suggestions on how to save the natural resources of the earth.
The children came dressed in green /blue/white to signify the colours of the earth and they formed a circle around the outline of the earth made on the lush green lawn surrounding the flagpole. An aerial view of the whole formation made it look quite spectacular.
The children also took pledges on how to contribute towards making the earth a better place in which to live- reduce water wastage eg: Don’t have shower baths – have a bucket bath instead; Close the tap when scrubbing your hands or brushing your teeth; Repair leaky taps; Don’t fill your glass – take only as much as you want to drink; Pour left over water onto the plants. 

World Earth Day : 22.4.19 (Special Assembly students of grades 6 to 9)

One of the most important environmental events across the globe is designated by the U.N. as International Earth Day, and is celebrated on 22nd of April.
Various events are held across the world on this day to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to address concerns of global environmental issues. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries which are coordinated globally by the Earth Day network.
Students of the Middle and Senior sections of GEMS Akademia International School celebrated this day to increase awareness and appreciation of the earth's natural environment and the uniqueness of our planet Earth.
They observed this day by using less electricity,saving tap water, throwing waste items in the garbage box(biodegradable and non-biodegradable separately)and created slogans, displayed charts,distributed badges and handed over saplings to the Headmistress and Coordinator.
It is hoped that these measures will bring about a change, locally at first, and globally a little later. 

A special assembly by the students of Grade III A concluded the programme in a meaningful way.

9th Foundation Day Celebration

'Ingenio et Labore'
GEMS Akademia celebrated its 9th Foundation Day on April 18, 2019. The celebration commenced with 'Asatoma Sadgamaya' - an invocation to the Almighty to lead us from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp of knowledge and wisdom by the dignitaries. Our Director, Mrs. Hilda Peacock welcomed the gathering with her words of inspiration.
The cultural programme comprised a tasteful selection of songs, dance recitals and a pantomime reflecting the Alma Mater as the founding stone of the basic education that helps us to shape our ideas, thoughts and imaginations. The mime portrayed the joy and laughter, struggle and excellence, sharing and caring in the life of Akademians. The energy and passion of the students was very visible. The entire school pulsed with life and enthusiastic appreciation.
Mrs. Devjani Sarkar and Md. Tarique were acknowledged for their dedication and hard work in guiding students to score 100% in ICSE 2018 in Geography and Commercial Application respectively.
Our Headmistress, Mrs. Srabanti Basu delivered the Vote of Thanks. The programme concluded with the singing of the School Song followed by the National Anthem.

March 2019


Kindergarten Graduation Day was held on the 13th of March 2019 at GEMS Akademia International School, in the presence of our Director, Mrs Hilda Peacock, our Principal, Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee, Mr Lawrence William Hartnett from GEMS Education and many parents and relatives. Our little graduates entered to the beat of the Graduation March, wearing their caps and gowns and led in by their respective class teachers Ms Sharmila Sharma and Ms. Celestine Lawless.

Vyshnavi Bathini of KG2 B was the emcee for the event. She welcomed the parents with a short speech and introduced a video presentation featuring year-round activities and speeches eloquently delivered by the children of Kindergarten. Up next was a dance performance by KG2 A to the famous Graduation Song “Thank you”. KG2B performed to the popular song “Top of the World” byThe Carpenters.
Our Director Mrs. Hilda Peacock addressed the audience admiring the quality of the children's performances, and reminding them not to let go of the child within each one. Graduation Certificates and Books were handed out to each child, after which Divyanshi Vishal of KG2 B gave the Vote of Thanks. In conclusion the children very proudly and confidently led the audience in the singing of the School Song.

The ceremony concluded with each child posing with family in our specially designed Photo Booth. Later the children also performed the traditional tossing of their graduation caps in the air.

Parents shared some wonderful moments of the pre-school journey of their child with us on our Memory Board. The morning ended with feelings of joy, happiness, positivity, a whole lot of nostalgia, and much appreciation .

We wish our Class of 2018-19 all the very best as they progress up the Grades over the years.

February 2019

International Mother Language Day  celebrated in GAIS

Mother Language Day celebrates language diversity and variety worldwide. It also remembers the students who lost their lives campaigning to officially use their language Bangla in 1952 in Bangladesh. The idea to celebrate February 21st as International Mother Language Day was initiated by Bangladesh and was approved by UNESCO in 1999. 
At a Special Assembly the Language Department of GAIS commemorated International Mother Language Day on 21st February commencing with the prayer 
'Antaro momo bikoshito koro'. The students then described the history and importance of the day. One of our students recited a poem accompanied by a dance enactment. A group of students danced to 'Amar bhaiyer rokte rangano ekushe February' and 'Moder gorob moder asha'. Our students from Bangladesh sang their National Anthem as all stood respectfully. There was an emotional feeling at the end of the performance. The assembly concluded with tall present singing our National Anthem.

Foreign language workshop at GAIS

Recently children taking Spanish at GAIS had the privilege of interacting with Gladys Enriquez and Flor de Maria, writers from Guatemala. They were visiting Kolkata during the Book Fair and accepted the invitation to come to our school. The children spent a great time reciting Spanish poems,singing Spanish songs, including some recent hits, and interacting with them. They also thoroughly enjoyed the experience of speaking Spanish with native speakers of the language. From "Hola" to "Hasta la vista" it was a very good session for everyone with the Senora and the Senorita from Guatemala.

Annual Sports of GAIS

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda

Education today encourages the holistic development of the child in which sport plays an integral role. It is against this backdrop that the much awaited Annual Sports of GEMS Akademia International School were held on 2nd and 3rd February 2019 for the Junior and Senior students respectively. The event began each day with the March Past by the four Houses - Ruby, Topaz, Emerald and Sapphire, in the presence of our Chief Guests, Mr R. R. Sharma, DIG, BSF, Kolkata, who took the salute, and Mr Nilanjan Biswas, DC, South West Division, Kolkata on Day 1, and Mr S. Selvamurugan, SP, Diamond Harbour Police District, Kolkata who took the salute on Day 2. The Houses marched to the impressive Marching Band of the school which was only a few weeks old. In their speeches, the Chief Guests emphasised the value of sports and games in a student’s life, and the importance of learning to make the most of not winning. 
The lighting of the flame, its laps around the field by representatives of the four Houses, and the Oath taking were conducted by the student leaders. . A unique and energetic display of Kalaripayattu - a first for GAIS, was followed by colourful Pom Pom, Dumbbell, Cloth and Lezim drills and a Karate Demonstration, all of which delighted the audience. 
As soon as the track events began, the air was filled with cheering and shouts of encouragement for the athletes. The races, throws, jumps and various items followed one another in quick succession. The parents also enthusiastically participated in various fun sporting events adding to the general atmosphere of goodwill. 
At the end of the day, the winners were awarded medals and certificates. The lesson that the children carried away was “Sports is not just about winning, it is all about participation.” A fact amply reflected in the smiles of all participants of the Annual Sports Days of GEMS Akademia International School.

January 2019

Republic Day Celebration at GAIS

Republic Day was celebrated in School on 26th. January in a fitting manner, following a well coordinated plan put together by the Boarding Section with the help of all concerned departments. 
The programme started promptly at 8.00 a.m. with the Boarders in their respective House colours and squads participating in a well-synchronized March-Past around the Flag-pole area to the beats of the newly-formed school marching band. Despite the newness of the band they played amazingly well, this being their first official function. 
It was a special moment when the honour of raising the National Flag was extended to a team of lady house-keeping members, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by all present.
Debarshi Ghanti of Grade VIII delivered a very patriotic and thought-provoking speech which emphasized the need for the youth of today to rise above themselves and carry our nation to ever-greater heights.


The Department of Languages, GAIS, organised "Kavyahaar" the Annual Inter House Elocution Competition on 21st January, 2019. After preliminary rounds held earlier, the selected finalists recited their poems/pieces before our distinguished judges Mr. Tiloknath Pandey and Ms Mausami Mukherjee from Calcutta Boys School. . The Competition was held in Hindi, Bengali , Spanish and French, and was open to Students from Grades III to IX &XI. Students were judged on the categories of Voice Modulation, Clarity, Expression and Pronunciation. The students performed very well, and proved that their roots are firmly embedded in India's culture and tradition.

Show and Tell Activity 

The children of the Pre-Primary section eagerly participated in a Show-and-Tell activity on 30.01.19. They each brought their favourite objects from home and shared information and their feelings about these with their peers enthusiastically. The purpose of this activity was to encourage every child to converse freely and develop his /her speaking skills through play. It also gave an insight into each child's likes and preferences. In the process the activity also helped the children to imbibe the GEMS Core Value of Global Ctizenship as they learned to respect and listen to the views of others.

GAIS students visited the Science and Engineering Fair

Some students of GEMS Akademia International School, visited the Science and Engineering Fair held on 11th January 2019 at the BITM. They were able to visit stalls and view the various models exhibited by students of schools and engineering colleges from Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Bihar, Odisha, Sikkim, Manipur and West Bengal, among others. Some of the exhibits which our students found of special interest were the Hill Well - Tripura; An energy-saving manual washing machine - Manipur; the Polythene recycling model - Sikkim; an automatic water sprinkler for crops ; a mechanism to convert dried leaves into wood; practical examples of trigonometry at work; as well as several others. The student exhibiting their models were able to explain and demonstrate with good skill and ease. 
While some models were repeated from similar exhibitions in school and outiside, the overall experience was worthwhile with the exposure to the new and unique along with the old and familiar. Our students now look forward to attending, and maybe even participating, in such shows in the future

Week Without Walls

The Week Without Walls is a regular annual feature of the Primary Department at GEMS Akademia International School. In January 2019 it was from 7th to 11th. In which Students of Grades 3, 4 and 5 have their usual classes on the green fields of the school campus where teachers conduct their allotted classes using the white boards, markers, games and activities. The opportunity to have their classes in the open air, in the midst of nature, creates a novel and much appreciated learning atmosphere for both the students and their teachers. This also gives the children the chance to absorb some healthy Vitamin D and also breathe in freshly manufactured oxygen from all the green plants around. The connect with nature is valuable as the school strives to prepare global citizens for tomorrow who can be aware of the wider world, care for the environment and experience nature first-hand. One regret expressed is that this cannot happen throughout the year!

December 2018

Special Assembly at GAIS

The students of 8 and 9 CAIE presented an assembly lesson on the theme 'Acceptance' at the morning assembly in November. While the pupils of Grade 8 dramatized a classroom scene on accepting a new student from a different country in the middle of the session, the ninth graders presented a panel of diversity. Each one of them introduced themselves in terms of nation, culture and heritage. The students brought their presentation to a harmonious end by holding hands as one to the song, "We are the world, We are the children". The assembly was successful in striking a chord among all present deepening the realization that our biggest identity is in being human.


To commemorate International Science Day on 10th November, the students of GAIS and GAGS participated in the Inter House Science and Mathematics Fest 'PRISMATIC'. 
Students from all the four Houses - RUBY, EMERALD, TOPAZ AND SAPPHIRE were most enthusiastic in their presentations. 
The students of Classes III to VIII participated in Model Making in two categories :
Category I -- Classes III to V
Category II -- Classes VI to VIII including CAIE
While model making for classes III to V were individual efforts, there were also a participating group ( comprising 2/3 students) from each class for each subject.
The models were judged by Ms Rita Sarkar, Ms Sumita Chatterjee and Mr L W Hartnett. 
Based on the assessments of the judges, the following students were awarded certificates :
Shreedhar Mishra, Sahin A Molla, Umesh Hansda -- EMERALD -- FIRST
Yogesh Agarwal, Ayantik Mondal -- TOPAZ -- SECOND 
Saonjhora Mondal, Rishav Shukla, Gloria Thokcham -- EMERALD -- FIRST
Riya Ghosh, Shreetama Sardar, Lakshya S Vijayan -- SAPPHIRE -- SECOND
Archita Agarwal, Aaheli Roychowdhury, Sreya Dutta -- RUBY -- FIRST
Sneha Samanta, Kainat Dewan -- EMERALD -- SECOND
Aftab Hossain, Raj Narayan Sikdar, Aishani Das -- TOPAZ -- FIRST
Faiaz Nafis, Shrean Pramanik, Ishan Agarwal -- RUBY -- SECOND.

Christmas Celebrations - 2018

Christmas, the religious and cultural festival is celebrated annually across the globe to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. This festival brings the message of God's gifts of peace, joy, love, hope and forgiveness to all mankind. The Pre-Primary children celebrated Christmas very cheerfully. They came dressed in red, green and white, wore their Santa caps and reindeer antlers and were all ready to sing, dance and make merry. A brief assembly was followed by a dance performance. Our Principal, Director, teachers and all the students also danced to carols. The children were thrilled when Santa came along with his sack of gifts. At the class party on the lawn, everyone shared the snacks sent from home while carols played in the background. The children of the Primary Department presented an assembly to celebrate the birth of Jesus when God is found in a baby. The children presented a Nativity play seriously and in all simplicity while enjoying several light moments. The special assembly was followed by the visit of Santa to all the classes. The day ended with the children singing and dancing to popular Christmas Songs. All the children enjoyed themselves immensely and went back home full of joy and the holiday spirit. We wish everyone Tidings of Joy for Christmas and the New Year.

Literary Fest-2018

Literary Fest was organised by the Literary Club of GEMS Akademia International School on 13.12.18.A bengali book written and edited by our students was released. It was organised in association with Penguin

Publishing House. Four eminent authors Aditi Singhal, Rama Krishnan Pillai, Ms Khairunissa and Ms Rupal Kevaliya  graced the occasion and interacted with the students and parents. Students from grades 1 to 8 participated in the fest. Students of four different schools were also invited for the fest. It was a very enriching experience for the students of GAIS.

Boarding PSA -End Of Term Culmination 

On 15th December 2018, the Boarding Section of GEMS Akademia International School, held an end-of-term culmination of PSA (Post School Activities). The theme for the function was, "Unity In Diversity !". At this event, the Boarders were offered a platform to showcase some of the skills they had learnt in the last six months.
Parents of all the Boarders were invited to attend the day-long function where they were treated to an exciting and enjoyable array of entertainment, sporting and culinary delights.
The children of the Boarding Section put up a wonderful cultural-cum-entertainment extravaganza and displayed their talents in dance performances, as well as, their expertise in playing various musical instruments. They also displayed their talent in both Eastern and Western vocal performances and mimicry. Their Music Teachers also played a special number. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch, thoroughly enjoyed by parents and students alike.
Post-lunch, some sporting events such as: a Volley-ball match between parents and students (gents), three-legged race for Ladies and Gents with their wards and a Tug-of-war between parents and students (both ladies and gents).
It was indeed a pleasure to see all the parents participate sportingly and wholeheartedly in all the activities which created a warm and homely ambience for all present. The quality of the children's performances was a noteworthy take-away for the day.

Award to our student for ‘Best Creativity’ by WBCPCR

Another feather in our cap
Sudipto Das Grade IX CAIE has won the prestigious ‘One Minute Film’ competition conducted by The West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights ( WBCPCR) and International Justice Mission. 
Category: 'Best Creativity'

The children were asked to create a positive message (video) on online sexual exploitation. Jury members included stalwarts of the film and cultural faternity and the Child Rights Commission had set the guidelines. There were three categories under which awards were given - CONCEPT, MESSAGE & CREATIVITY. Sudipto did us all proud by winning the Best Creativity Award. 
This is indeed a great achievement. The Award ceremony was held at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre' 

Lipichitra - 2018

The Language Department of GEMS Akademia organised 'LIPICHITRA': a poster making competition in Bengali, Hindi, French and Spanish giving an invaluable opportunity to the students to showcase their creativity and language skill and to raise awareness of their surroundings. The themes of the competition were distributed among three groups according to their grades:
Group A (Grades V & VI). Topic- We Need Pets. 

Group B (Grades VII & VIII). Topic- A World Without Animals.
Group C (Grades IX & XI). Topic- Humans-Animals: Interdependence for existence. 
The first topic helps the children to realize how important faithfulness and loyalty are, how important it is to respect and assist the fellow species who have their lives completely dependent on us. The other two warn them about their social happenings, how corruption in the environment is growing and defeating the wellness. These let rise to thoughts of the measures to be taken to have a brighter future.

Fungamia 2018

'Fungamia 2018' the much awaited Winter Carnival, was held on 9th December 2018 in the GEMS Akademia International School campus. 
The Carnival was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Mrs Aditi Mukherjee the CEO Mr Lalit Bhutoria, and GEMS representative Mr Lawrence W Hartnett. Renowned industrialist, MLAs, leaders and bureaucrats graced the occasion. The extensive field was turned into a colourful fair ground with festive game stalls, food stalls & music, both recorded and live. 
The audience was mesmerized by the acts of the renowned Illusionist, Mr David Nobo, and enjoyed being a part of his world of illusions both on stage and in the audience. . Mrs Usha Uthup, with her stage presence, warm melodious voice, and enchanting ways captivated and held the crowd in her world of music. The entire carnival ground became a dance floor with everyone tapping their feet to her evergreen numbers.
The upcoming Gems City and the beautiful school campus of GEMS Akademia International School attracted people from different parts of the city. The festive spirit and enthusiasm of the crowd of visitors and participants made 'Fungamia' a truly memorable occasion

November 2018


The fifth edition of ZAPPUS, the Inter School Sports Fest was organized by GAIS on 30th November & 1st December 2018 in the school campus. There were 20 schools in all, including the Host School.

The Opening Ceremony on 30th November featured a specially choreographed dance with a sporting theme portraying ‘Let the Games Begin’. The competition was declared open by the Director of our school after a motivating speech.
All of us at GAIS are grateful to those schools which p
articipated and encouraged us, and we look forward to having all of them with us again next year. We congratulate all the Winners and Runners-Up.

Basketball (Boys)
Winner: GEMS Akademia International School
Runner Up: St. Anthony's High School

Football (BOYS)
Winner: Sri Aurobindo School
Runner Up: GEMS Akademia International School

Badminton (BOYS & GIRLS –TEAM)
Winner: Sri Aurobindo School
Runner Up: DPS North Kolkata

Volleyball (BOYS)
Winner: Pailan World School
Runner Up: Asian International School

Throw Ball (GIRLS)
Winner: GEMS Akademia International School
Runner Up: Mudiali Girls High School

Table Tennis (Boys)
Winners: Vivekananda Mission School
Runner Up: St. Stephen's School

Table Tennis (Girls)
Winner: Asian International School
Runner Up: Future Foundation School

Friendly Football Match (Girls)
Winner: GEMS Akademia International School
Runner Up: Asian International School

World Culture Day

Culture is a vital bond in the lives of people. It influences their views, their values, their humour, their hopes, their loyalties, and even their worries, fears and beliefs. In order to promote and create awareness among our pupils of the diverse cultural identities of all countries across the globe, GEMS Akademia International School observes World Culture Day on an annual basis. This year it was held on 29th November 2018 in the presence of our Chief Guest, CEO, School Leaders and parents who had turned up in large numbers.

The students and their teachers wore the traditional attire of the different countries they represented, and also performed vibrant dances and activities accordingly. The event began with a colourful Parade of Nations followed by the cultural programme.

Later, at the exhibition of art, craft, and exhibits of food, currency, monuments, etc, the students spoke about the country they were representing along with their traditions and cultures. The countries being represented this year were Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Portugal, Republic of Congo, Russia and Thailand. The students and parents greatly benefited in preparing for this, as they learnt as much as they could about the country they represented.

The Counsellor and Head of Chancery, Deputy High Commission for the People's Republic of Banglesh, Kolkata, Mr.B. M. Jamal Hossain was the Chief Guest. He greatly appreciated the event and the educational values it imparted. Later he interacted with the Bangladeshi Students who shared their experiences with him.

The cross cultural symbiosis of nations beyond political boundaries, created an ambience of tolerance, curiosity and respect for each other’s rich and glorious heritage. It also tied in with the school attempt to help our students to think globally and act locally.

Traffic Week –Pre-Primary

With the Land Transport theme in mind our Nursery children were taken on a toto ride around the school to get first hand experience about travelling in a mode of transport which is different from the usual bus or car. They made traffic signals and learnt the importance of each traffic light. As they drove around the school campus the safety rules we should follow while travelling in a toto were explained. The children enjoyed this experience even as a very important lesson was taught through this fun activity

Special Assembly - Singapore Trip

Several students of GEMS Akademia International School conducted a wonderful assembly on 15th Of Nov 2018 sharing the experiences of their trip to Singapore.

This was the speech by Awrthi Sarkar, A Level :

"What a hot day! I thought November was a winter month. Well, it used to be 10 years ago. Do you realise that this is an effect of global warming? All of us here are aware of global warming being caused by human activities, but how many of us actually stop and think: Are my actions included in those "Human Activities"? Last month, 27 of us visited Singapore to Stop, Think and Realise how we contribute to the degrading health of Mother Earth.

Singapore's care is an example of the type of treatment Mother Earth deserves. Not only the government but every person living in the country also actively serves nature. Let me share an incident: we were on a walk through Mac Richie which is a forest when we were asked to gather 5 things that could help us survive in a forest. Among the 5 things that I had collected, there was a small branch of leaves which was lying on the forest floor. A passer-by stopped and warned me that plucking anything from nature is strictly unexpected in their country. That reaction was a clear indication of the consciousness and ownership qualities of the people. Singapore is certainly a country that invests on intelligence. The Art science Museum is an example. Besides collecting water from the rain, this museum displays technologically designed artwork. We had a good time playing with stuff at the museum. One of my favourites was a slide that had projected fruits which were cut once someone used the slide. Here, we were also asked to create structures which were tested for strength. What we learnt from the exercise was that any architectural beauty which we make needs proper planning and a strong head. Another thing that we got to know at the lotus-shaped water collector was the positioning of air conditioners; they should be on the floor and not at the top where we usually place them because this helps in cooling faster, so saving a lot of energy. Singapore allows Nature to serve the nation fully. At Gardens by the Bay, there are super trees that are artificial and display a sound and light show every evening using solar energy. Mesmerizing is what I'll call that show. Recycling is another regularly practised habit there. Newater, a water recycling company, recycles wastewater to make it drinkable. When we visited the company, not only did we receive an explanation of all the recycling processes but we were also made to imagine ourselves as particles and had to pass through the stages of the recycling process practically. At the end of our tour to this facility, we had to take an oath to follow the steps which popped up as bubbles on a big screen. Here, we also learned about a few steps we can take to save some water and energy. Some of my friends will now distribute leaflets, I hope we will all try to follow these steps. Singapore uses a large percentage of its available energy to maintain the artificial beauty that they have made. We don't need to build anything artificial because we have enough: the Sundarbans, the Thar Desert, the K2 and Kanchanjanga mountains, the Indian Ocean, rivers, plateau, etc We are blessed. We don't need to use much energy to maintain these; all we need to do is love, care and respect our blessings. In a way, mother earth is biased towards us. So let's take advantage of instead of moaning for more, Let's pamper Mother Earth just the way she pampers us.”

Children’s Day Celebration at GAIS

Nehru Jayanti is celebrated as Children's Day across the country. GEMS Akademia arranged for a spectacular programme for the students.The morning began with a surprise when the special assembly for the Secondary section conducted by the Principal and teachers ended with a shower of colourful balloons from the rooftop onto the assembled children ! It added a special touch to the celebrations,in addition to the colourful clothes the children wore.

The Pre-Primary children had a class party where they sang, played their favourite games , danced to peppy music and watched selected movies. There was much excitement when they were taken to the school park where they played and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Later in the morning, the teachers put up a very entertaining show for the Secondary students. The hour long programme of dances and drama was enthusiastically cheered and enjoyed by all the children. The programme concluded with all the teachers assembling and wishing the students through a specially composed song, Happy Children's Day.

The talent of the teachers, the quality of their performances, and their willingness to perform for the children, really helped to strengthen the special bonds between teacher and student. The snack packet provided to all on their way home helped filled any gaps that there might have been.

All in all, it was a very memorable day for the whole school. Everyone received a special snack packet to take home.

October 2018

Education-cum-fun Tour to Shantiniketan for Boarding Students

On the 6th and 7th of October the entire group of boarders were taken to Shantiniketan on an ‘ Education-cum-fun Tour . Shantiniketan is recognised as one of the seats of Indian Knowledge, Wisdom and Learning.

The children had the opportunity to visit this serene and scenic township and to experience some wonderful moments. They were taken to some of the famous historical sites such as : the Deer Park, Kopai & Kopai River, Srijoni Silpagram and Amar Kutir. They visited a local ‘Haat’ where the children bought mementos and souvenirs of the local handicrafts for their loved ones back home.

They visited “Visva Bhari University” founded by Rabindranath Tagore, experienced the natural serenity of the campus, and saw the historic architecture and academic setting of the entire University. In the Museum they saw a multitude of personal and official effects of the great “ Educationist, Nobel Laureatte, Musician, Philosopher and Writer!”

Although it was an arduous and tiring trip, the students returned with a greater awareness and understanding of the diverse qualities of the genius that was Rabindranath Tagore.

A trip to Singapore

On the 6th of October 2018, 24 children and 3 teachers of GAIS visited Singapore on an educational trip. This was to break barriers and introduce our senior school children to a country only as big as Kolkata, but which has developed immensely in the last 50 years. Singapore is known to have one of the highest greenery densities in the world. Collaborating with World View Education, this trip was the second stage of the 3 phase programme to know, learn and practice Eco-sustainability, Environmental Priorities and overcoming natural challenges through planning, technological development and participation. The focus was on 3 key areas :
1. Learning how to create a sustainable living environment.
2. Ensuring that this sustainability is practised in everyday life and surroundings, and
3. Contributing to international academic collaboration.

This 6-day visit was extremely successful in its outcome and effect. Students were engaged in envisioning a clean eco-friendly and sustainable surrounding and seeing how this helps in balancing economic growth against environmental challenges.

September 2018

Teachers Day Celebration at GAIS

Teachers’ Day at GAIS commenced with a prayer, and then some wonderful performances by the students. A classical dance, was followed by a fusion of classical and western songs. Along with very exuberant dances and harmonious singing, there was an exciting Magic Show. A fun game involving the teachers with "technical" assistance from the students brought the heart warming celebration to an end. Appreciative remarks from teachers and school leaders followed the programme. Everyone enjoyed the spirit of oneness and the joy of teachers being honoured on their special day.

Career Guidance Seminar

GEMS Akademia International School, Kolkata hosted a Career Guidance Seminar on 2nd September 2018 for our students appearing in their Board examinations in 2019 (ICSE/ISC/CAIE) and seeking overseas education opportunities in recognized institutions in the USA. 
IDP (International Education Specialists) was introduced as an organisation which provides complete services including detailed course and institution counseling, application submission, scholarship guidance, offer
 acceptance, visa assistance, tuition fee payment, pre-departure orientation and on-shore support.
The following universities from the US were represented at our school campus :

1. University of South Dakota
2. Portand State University
3. University of Delaware
4. Indiana – University-Purdue University Indianapolis
5. George Mason University
This seminar provided a broad overview of the numerous career options available to students of every stream, with an introduction to career planning. It was an interactive seminar which assisted students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes for each, thus enabling them to determine the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work

GISMUN at Gurgaon

GISMUN 2018 was organised by GEMS International School, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon on 1st and 2nd September 2018. Around 300 delegates from about 16 schools in the Delhi NCR like Royal Oak International School, SCR Public School, Scottish High International School, Manav Rachna International School, etc. had taken part in the two-day Conference. With the guidance and support of a teacher escort, 7 students from GEMS Akademia International School, Kolkata also attended and formed part of the following Committees:

UN Security Council- 1. Sorurya Chatterjee (United Kingdom)

2. Nidhi Tulshyan (India)

General Assembly- 1. Shreyan Dokania (Qatar)

2. Nand Rathi (Vietnam)

3. Karishma Agarwal (Germany)

Human Rights Council- 1. Sharon Sharma (U.S.A)

2. Farhana Sheikh (Qatar)

Achievements: 1. Farhana Sheikh (Qatar) received a special mention in the Human Rights Council.

This event provided excellent exposure for the students as it not only trained them in the art of public speaking and debating but also diplomacy, knowledge of foreign policy and international relations. It also provided them the opportunity and enriching experience of interacting with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. They researched and debated on challenging agenda topics like the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the South China Sea conflict and the LGBTQ community, all of which which play a pivotal role in current world affairs.

August 2018

CISCE Regional Football Tournament at GAIS

GEMS Akademia International School hosted the three-day CISCE Regional Football Tournament (WB & N.E States) from 28th August to 30th August 2018. The 59 participating teams came from schools across West Bengal and other North Eastern States. All teams displayed remarkable skill and sportsmanship, with some spectacular goals and equally spectacular saves Several matches had to be decided by penalty shoot outs. The final day was graced by the presence of Mr. Nabarun De, Secretary, CISCE, West Bengal and North Eastern States, who witnessed a truly hard-fought final between the two well-matched teams, the final score being 1 - 0 in favour of St. Augustine's School, Kalimpong. The three day program concluded with the Prize Distribution and speeches from our special guest and members of the SLT. Selected players from this tournament would represent the region at the Nationals later this year. ➢ Winner: ST. AUGUSTINE'S SCHOOL (Kalimpong ) ➢ Runner Up : PATKAI CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (Manipur).

Raksha Bandhan at GAIS

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Richard Bach
The students of Pre-primary and Primary celebrated Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) on 24th August with enthusiasm and joy. They made the Rakhis themselves and tied them to the wrists of not only their classmates to celebrate the special bonds of love and friendship, but also on the wrists of their teachers, Principal, Headmistress and other members of the school to show and express their gratitude. It was yet another joyful day for the junior wing of GEMS Akademia International School to see all the wrists adorned with the colourful Rakhis.

DAY I - 72nd Independence Day Celebration

The students and staff of GEMS Akademia kick-started the three day Independence Day celebrations on the 13th of August, 2018 in an innovative way. They visited various departments to thank their members for their services in making India a better place to live in. These are the same people who can be called our modern real life heroes who work selflessly to make our lives comfortable. While we remember the unsung heroes who lost their lives fighting for India’s independence we forget about our real life heroes who sacrifice so much of their own just for us.
The students and staff visited 18 different departments to personally thank their members for their efforts to work for us all through the years. We visited the Army, BSF Headquarters, Railways, Electricity Boards, Water Supply, Fire Department, Traffic Police, Kolkata Police, State Transport, Blind School, Animal Welfare, Old Age Homes, Cancer Hospital and St Xaviers’ College. The members were presented with a Thank You Card, a National Tri-Colour and sweets as a token of gratitude. This was highly appreciated by the all the recipients.
A walkathon to the nearby old age home, cyclothon to the Army Camp, the song recital - Vande Mataram and a dance recital on Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” were the highlights of the event. Various other cultural programs like the flash mob, fashion parade, songs, recitation and dance performances were enjoyed by all.

DAY II - 72nd Independence Day Celebration

On 14th August, our Pre-Primary and Primary students celebrated Independence Day with a special assembly. It began with a student singing Vande Mataram followed by the English recital of the lyrics, and the united taking of the Pledge to India. A short cultural program which included two dances and a song was performed by the students. The programme ended with singing of the National Anthem.

Day III - 72nd Independence Day 

On the 15th of August all the staff and students from the Middle and Senior Sections of the school, gathered to be part of the finale of the three-day-Independence Day celebrations. The programme began with a March Past by the members of the Student Council, and the hoisting of the National Flag. This was followed by a brief cultural programme which included songs, a dance, the formation of several human pyramids, and an exciting Karate display. . The programme ended with the singing of the National Anthem by all present.

Football Tournament at La- Martiniere for Girls

The GAIS Girls Team participated in the football tournament organised and hosted by La- Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata. We won our first match against St. Paul's Mission School(5-0), and in the semifinals beat CIS (2- 0)

We played and lost to Modern High School 0-2, in the final, emerging Runners-Up. The Best Player and High scorer was PALAK SINGH (of Grade VII) . We congratulate our team and coach for their fine efforts.

July 2018


A total of 100 Students from Pratt Memorial School, Adamas International School, Bridge International School, Delhi Public School - Howrah, St. Michael’s School -Siliguri, Sri Sri Academy and GEMS Akademia International School all participated in the IIMUN 2018 Kolkata Chapter hosted at Delhi Public School, Howrah. 
10 students from GEMS Akademia International School were a part of the following Committees: 
UN Security Council- Delegates of France
1.Nisha Dubey ( XA) 
2. Naman Samsukha (XIIA)
Delegates of Iraq
1. Saranya Bandopadhyay (XIA)
2. Abhishek Chowdhury (XIA)
UN Women- 1. Kehsav Gupta (XIIA) (Qatar)
2. Anhsika Singh (X CAIE) (China)
3. Antaraix Dutta (XA) (Russia)
4. Akancha Khetan (XIIB) (USA)
Lok Sabha- 
1. Sorurya Chatterjee (XIC) (Congress Delegate- Rahul Gandhi)
2. Kushal Dubey (XIA) (BJP Delegate- Sushma Swaraj)
1. Kushal Dubey won the Best Delegate award in Lok Sabha.
2. Saranya Bandopadhyay and Abishek Chowdhury won the High Commendation award in the Security Council.
3. Sourya Chatterjee, Nisha Dubey and Naman Samsukha received the Honourable Mention accolade. 
4. GEMS Akademia International School won the 2nd Best Delegate School.
All the students were able to get an experience of MUN conferences as well the art of public speaking, debating, diplomacy, knowledge of foreign policy and international relations. This provided them a platform to hone their social skills as they interacted with students from different schools and backgrounds.

Grandparents Day

“As we seek to strengthen the enduring values of the family, it is appropriate that we honour our grandparents” - Jimmy Carter
The Pre-Primary and Primary Department of GAIS celebrated Grandparents' Day on 27th July in the Sports Centre. The students who were guided and trained by the Music and Dance teachers put up a variety show which was enjoyed and appreciated by all the grandparents who were present. We also had special guests from an Old age Home visiting us, for the celebration. The game organized for the grandparents saw them displaying their dancing skills. Winners were gifted with saplings and paintings by the students of Primary. The show ended with smiles on the faces of all the grandparents who really appreciated the performances as well as the school for having a special day for them. Grand parents are special, they sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.

Rhyme Time & Tongue Twister Challenge

Experts in Literacy and Child Development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they’re eight. – Mem Fox.

Songs and rhymes have a hugely positive impact on a child’s language and literacy development. Children love rhyme, rhythm and repetition. These three things found in songs and rhymes naturally help to boost a child’s language and literacy skills. Keeping this in mind our Nursery and Kindergarten 1 and 2 celebrated Rhyme Time on the 20th of July, 2018.

Parents took an active part in this activity by guiding our children in preparing a rhyme. The day started with all the children reciting their rhymes in class individually with colourful props. Then our children prepared tongue twisters and went out of their classrooms visiting the Principal, Mr Hartnett, Headmistress and Coordinators challenging them to repeat the tongue twisters five times without a break. Everyone joyfully welcomed our babies into their offices. Meetings and commitments were given a back seat and everyone enjoyed these interactions to the fullest.

The children were excited and challenged every teacher they met in the corridor to say their Tongue Twisters. The day ended with much joy and smiles on the faces of all our babies and teachers.

'Good Citizenship' - Special Assembly

The Grade VI to IX students of the Humanities Department conducted a special assembly on 18.07.18 on 'Good Citizenship'. They displayed charts highlighting various aspects of a good citizen. They also spoke on the importance of being good citizens not only in their own motherland but everywhere they went. The assembly ended with the singing of the National Anthem.


GEMS Akademia International School participated in "HARMONICS 2018" the Inter-School Competition organized by Hartley Higher Secondary School, Kolkata. Our students won the 2nd prize in the Eastern Dance category. Their dance was based on the tragic life of a devadasi, and was named "Aham Dasi". GAIS also secured 3rd position in Model Making. We congratulate all those who participated, as well as those who brought honour to themselves and the school.


"Plant a tree, plant a tree so that the next generation can get air for free. "Keeping this slogan in mind the students of Grade 5 highlighted ’Van Mahotsav’ in the school assembly by carrying placards bearing slogans of saving trees. Through a medley of songs and dances they reiterated the importance of planting trees in our neighborhood.
Resplendent in their green attire, the students emphasized the benefits of planting seeds to prevent soil erosion, growing food for the animals, providing natural shelter to animals and human beings and prevention of global warming. The assembly came to an end with each teacher being gifted with a sapling.

The Humanities Department also organized a special event. The day started at the morning assembly with the morning prayer, followed by a speech on the significance of Van Mahotsav' and closed with a hymn. During the course of the day the students of Grades VI to XII all participated in a walk around the school with posters related to Afforestation and Forest Conservation to create awareness amongst all. The students wore colourful headbands and head gear, wristbands and badges with captions and slogans related to Van Mahotsav. The school gardener and housekeeping staff accompanied the students to provide help and support as they planted saplings around the school compound.

Van Mahotsav was observed with the planting of saplings in the school garden by our Principal, Coordinator, Teachers and students.

The Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter School Debate

The Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter School Debate, organised by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)​ is among the most prestigious Inter School Debates in the country. 
Nisha Dubey and Makhdum Hossain of Grade X represented our school at the Zonal Level held at Vivekananda Mission School on 11th July, 2018. The topic for the Debate was - "By sparing the rod, we have spoilt the child."
We are really proud that our students bagged the first position and have qualified for the next Level.. Nisha Dubey was declared the Best Speaker. 


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis.
GEMS Akademia, in its quest to unlock and inculcate leadership qualities among its students, held the Investiture of the Student Council on 10th July, 2018 at the Sports Centre.
It is believed - “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” With this conviction, the school aims to develop individuals and to shape their future so that they participate as flexible, resourceful and multi talented ind
ividuals in society. It was a proud moment not only for the students but also for their parents who attended the occasion.
The ceremony commenced with an invocation to the Almighty led by Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett of GEMS Education. The solemnity of the event was set with the march of the Student Council members, who smartly paraded to take up their responsibilities and become the official torch bearers of the new academic session. The members of the Student Council were conferred badges and sashes by our Director, Mrs. Hilda Peacock, Principal, Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee, Headmistress, Mrs. Srabanti Basu and Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett of GEMS Education.
The outgoing members of the Student Council handed over the School Flag and the House Flags to the newly appointed members of the Student Council. Our Director, Mrs. Hilda Peacock, administered the Oath after which the Council members were conferred responsibilities of taking their Alma Mater to new heights in its pursuit of excellence.
Out Principal, Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee , addressed the newly appointed Student Council advising them that students should not only aim at achieving academic excellence but also strive to become wonderful citizens of the future world.
The solemn promise of the new office bearers to prove themselves responsible administrators of today and of the future, resonated through the air as the programme concluded with the National Anthem.

Assembly on Inclusion

The value and importance of Inclusion in a school cannot be stressed enough. A special assembly on the topic of Inclusion was held on Friday, 6th July 2018 in which our special students from Grades VI, VII, VIII & IX participated. Our SEN students conducted themselves with confidence and grace. They sang, performed a special dance to depict what Inclusion means, and a grade IX student spoke about India's Independence Day. 
The benefits of inclusion were there to see and appreciate. Our students of all abilities participate in and contribute to all activities helping all of us to learn to live together, help one another, and recognize the value of each individual.


Literaria 2018-19 was held in GEMS Akademia International School celebrating literatures in Hindi, Bengali, French, Spanish and English.

Our Principal, Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee welcomed everyone to the event, and set the tone for the day. The first item was a Hindi play which wonderfully portrayed traditional attitudes towards modern education, employment, independent income, social security, status and their relationship to the questions of marriage and the dowry system.

The students of the French Department began with recitation of the poem Pour Toi Mon Amour by Jaques Prevert followed by Gustave Flaubert's Soliloquy of Emma Bovary and a mesmerising dance performance based on Victor Hugo's novel Notre Dame de Paris.

The Spanish Department displayed a painting by the legendary Pablo Picasso. Thematically, it is anti-war and drawn in the style of Cubism.The students recited the poem Los Arboles Es Talvocious by Claudia Hernandez and closed with a dance recital on the theme of peace.

The students of the Bengali Department presented a dramatic performance in their play which traced the present generation’s disconnect with their mother tongues and their consequent rootlessness in global society and culture.

The Dramatics and English Language team collaborated to present a cross-cultural and contemporary interpretation of William Shakespeare's, Macbeth. The mimetic performance ably supported by the team of narrators featured the characters of Macbeth, King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth, Banquo and the three Witches. The actors presented nine individual scenes chosen from across the play keeping in sync with the ‘NAVARASA’ technique prevalent in the Indian Classical Arts tradition. nine distinct emotions or moods of the human lives.

The very well produced programme came to an end with a vote of thanks by the senior most teacher of our school Ms Rita Sarkar.

June 2018

Inter-House Cricket Tournament - 2018

The Inter House Cricket Competition was held over two days in June. The girls really enjoyed the experience of having separate matches exclusively for them. There was a lot of enthusiasm and a spirit of healthy competition between the four Houses. All the participants had a lot of fun within the rules of the game. 

The results are as follows: 
Primary Section: Winners: Topaz; Runners Up: Emerald, 
Middle School Boys: Winners: Topaz; Runners Up: Emerald. 
Senior School Boys: Winners: Ruby; Runners Up: Emerald. 
Girls Grades 7 to 12: Winners: Sapphire; Runners Up: Emerald.

Parents Day at GAIS

"The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself. The love of a parent for a child is continuous and transcends heartbreak and disappointment." –James E. Faust

Parents' Day was held on the 29th of June, 2018 to honour and celebrate the parents of our Pre-Primary and Primary schildren. The programme began with a welcome address by our Principal, Ms. Aditi Mukherjee. She also introduced Ms Sonia, the newly appointed Coordinator for Pre-Primary. 
A Non-Flame Cooking Competition for parents was organized by Ms Anjali Shah in the small Sports Centre. Our judges Ms. Anindita and Ms. Bidisha had a very difficult time judging the many delicious dishes prepared by the parents.
Aleeza and Om from Grades 5 and 4 respectively compered a variety performance. Our little Nursery and Kindergarten superstars tapped their feet to the “Ram Sam Song”. This was followed by Grade 1 children reciting in Hindi “Ma ki Mamta”. The children of Grade 2 were up next with the song “We Love Our Parents”.
The Grade 3 children recited the poem “Pita” honouring fathers. The song "Papa" formed the theme for a dance by the children of Grade 4. The next song was “Ma” which depicted the love of a mother for her children. The part of the mother was played by Ms. Soma who danced along with the children adding more meaning to this performance. Grade 5 sang the Rabindra Sangeet “Boro Aasha Kore” as well as the English version “Oh Mother. The sweet voices of the children struck a chord in every parent’s heart.
The parents were then involved in a fun game organized by Ms. Sumita. Spot prizes were given to parents who were eligible for the conditions as announced. The event ended with Mr. Lawrence Hartnett of GEMS thanking parents for sparing the time and attending the occasion. He reiterated the fact that engagement with parents was the hall mark of every GEMS school, as GEMS believes that nothing is more important for a child than the love and attention of his parents, and their engagement in his education. The event ended with lots of emotion, a lot of memories, and positive feedback appreciating the steps taken by the school in interacting with parents. A time of socialising while tasting the dishes produced by the parents, as well as some snacks from the school brought the special event to a close.

May 2018

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

GAIS paid tribute to the great poet, artist, dramatist, musician, novelist, a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with contextual modernism- Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. The 157th Rabindra Jayanti which was on 9th May was celebrated through a cultural event on 10th May 2018.

The Primary Department had a special assembly where the children recited poems and put up a spectacular dance performance. The teachers along with their beloved students sang a few songs paying tribute to the novelist.

The programme began with the SLT invocation "Anondoloke Mongolaloke" sung by teachers, followed by "Boro Asha Kore" from a student choir. The students' choral recitation of Tagore's poem "Where the mind is without fear" was rendered in Bengali, Hindi and English. The teachers' choir sang a mixed rendition of "এবার তোর মরা গাঙ্গে", "গ্রাম ছাড়া এইরাঙা মাটির পথ"and "আমি মারের সাগর পাড়ি দেব".very melodiously blending all three songs as one. The students staged the dance drama "Chitrangada" with great skill.In closing all present joined in singing our National Anthem, which was written by none other than Rabindranth Tagore himself, with our Director, Mrs. Hilda Peacock playing the synthesizer.

May Day Celebration

Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May annually in most countries as an official holiday to celebrate the accomplishments of workers. People enjoy celebrating May Day or Labour Day in different ways, often through honouring workers. 
A brief programme was organized by GAIS on 2nd May to mark the International Labour Day. It began with two of our House Keeping Staff, Suman Sipai and Samik Sardar presenting solos in Bengali. 
Our Director Ma'am, Mrs Hilda Peacock felicitated Bharat Pathak - Housekeeping Supervisor, Paramanand Jha - Estate Attendant, and Madan Chandra Naskar - Estate Attendant, on their completion of 5 years of service to GAIS. 
Around 30 other Support Staff members were also felicitated by our Estate Manager, Mr Ashish Mukherjee and Operations Manager, Mr Pervez Alam for completing 5 years of service. 
In his concluding speech Mr Mukherjee, acknowledged the important role these members of the staff play in the daily maintenance, upkeep and development of this school.

April 2018

Inter House Competition on World Dance Day

International Dance Day, which falls on 29th April, is a global celebration of dance, created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO.

GAIS observed International Dance Day through an Inter-House Solo Dance Competition, open to Grades VI to XII, with the finals being held on 30th April 2018. The Judges for the Finals were Ms Urmimala Sengupta and Ms Koushiki Saha.

Themes for the dances were We Are the World, What Was Old is New Today, and Inclusion. 
In the Senior Category Meghna Singh (Grade XI) from RUBY House secured the 1st position, Hemant Bhujel (Grade IX) from TOPAZ House secured the 2nd position, and Srija Mondal (Grade X) from EMERALD House secured the 3rd position. In the Junior Category Siddhartha Mondal (Grade VII) from RUBY House secured the 1st position.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the dances presented.

World Book Day (D.E.A.R Program.)

GAIS celebrated World Book Day (23rd April) with its D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) programme on Wednesday, 25th April across all Grades from I to XII. Students, Teachers and Support Staff participated by picking up books and reading them from 10:05 AM to 10:45 AM. Children lined up in anticipation and excitement to borrow books from the library, and enjoy a story or two. GAIS will continue this tradition every year, and promote the vital skill of reading among all present.

Colour Week 2018

Colour plays a vital role in the development of children, especially in their formative years. Colour impacts mood, emotional well-being, productivity, learning and behaviour. 
To reiterate the importance of colours in a child’s life the Pre Primary Department of GEMS Akademia International School celebrated Colour Week from 16th April to 20th April 2018. This year the concept of the 3R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse -was introduced during the Colour Week.

The primary and secondary colours were introduced through various activities. The children dressed according to the colour of the day and also brought along an object and food items related to the colour. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow were the Primary Colours used in Nursery and KG1. Grey, Saffron, Purple and Brown were the Secondary Colours used for KG2. The last day of the week saw the culmination of all the colours where the children took part in a Pinwheel Activity outdoors.

Some valuable learning took place, as the children learnt about the beauty and uniqueness of each shade of colour relating it to real-life in a practical way.


Earth Day was observed on April 24, 2018. It was a great day to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts to ‘green' the school, and engage the entire student community in this cause. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, across the United States. Then to increase the awareness of the clean environment, Earth Day was celebrated throughout the world every year. This year, the global theme of the 46th anniversary of ‘Prithvi Dill’ has inspired everyone to come forward to protect our environment.

The Primary and Pre-primary pupils of GAIS collected old newspapers, discarded paper, and paper scrap from the library and other departments. They painted all the paper in brown and green as part of the Reuse and Recycling process. These painted sheets were used to make three trees, one each for Reduce-Reuse-Recycle which were put on display in the school reception area. Students, teachers, staff and visitors wrote their pledges on leaves which were made of old newspaper cut outs, and placed them on the respective trees.

On Earth Day itself these students formed the living words EARTH DAY on the front lawn. An aerial view showed the children marking the occasion in this distinctive way. At a special assembly following this the children performed appropriate skits, and took pledges to save the environment. During this week the students also came up with some creative ideas to reduce our Carbon Footprints.

The Pre-primary department did a lot of painting during Colour Week. The children came up with some interesting ideas and thoughts, and their time with colours became very exciting as a result.

8th Foundation Day celebration 

GAIS celebrated its 8th Foundation Day on 18th April, 2018. The programme began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our Senior Leadership Team, and the opening prayer by our Principal, Mrs Aditi Mukherjee. Our Director, Mrs Hilda Peacock and CEO, Mr Lalit Bhutoria then addressed the students with very appropriate speeches. Special framed certificates for one hundred percent attendance in the 2017-18 session and for completion of 5 or more years of service were presented to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff by the CEO and the Senior Leadership Team. A presentation featuring the journey of the school and messages from ex-founder members of staff brought the nostalgia alive. A short, variety programme comprising dances, a Skit, a Karate display and songs by students of GAIS added a dash of class, movement and colour to the occasion. The school choir's rendition of "I have a dream" reflected the aspirations of all faculty, staff and students present. A senior student delivered the Vote of Thanks; and the singing of the National Anthem brought the function to a close.

March 2018

Kinder Culmination

The Pre –Primary Graduation Day was held on 7th March 2018 at GEMS Akademia International School. The programme was graced by the presence of our Director Ma’am Ms Hilda Peacock and Mr Lawrence William Hartnett - Director, GEMS School Operations: West Bengal who addressed the gathering. The event commenced with a welcome speech by our Coordinator Ms Sumita Chatterjee followed by a video presentation featuring year-round activities of the pre-schoolers and speeches eloquently delivered by the children of Kindergarten. They then mesmerised the audience with a lovely dance performance. The Pre Primary teacher Ms Sharmila Sharma shared her memories with the parents. Certificates were awarded to the Graduating students. Some of the parents shared some wonderful moments of the pre-school journey of their child with us which was an enriching experience. The ceremony concluded with feelings of joy, happiness and positivity.

February 2018

Joy OF Giving

The Joy of Giving Week is a part of our curriculum at GAIS. It  helps our pupils to feel and empathize with those less fortunate. This year our pupils visited the Cathedral Social Service Non-Formal School alongside Bhowanipore Cemetery where they distributed clothes, toys, stationery and food items to the underprivileged children. They also helped with some of their learning.

Blessing Ceremony - 2018

Get on your knees and pray; then get on your feet and work". This was the message given to our I.G.C.S.E. and I.C.S.E. students by our Director, Principal and Headmistress today, as they prepared for their first Board Examination. They were reminded of the importance of realizing that they were part of a community that cared for them from their early childhood until their school leaving days. Students and teachers gathered together in the morning Assembly for a time of dedication and prayer for the students about to commence their Examinations. They each received a gift pouch of essential stationery items.

January 2018

Junior Sports 2018 : Pre-Primary & Primary

'Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy
called guts' - Dan Gable.

The much awaited Annual Sports Day of the Primary Section was held on Saturday 20th January 2018. The fantastic turnout of the parents and the pleasant weather provided the perfect atmosphere for the event. 
The events took place in two venues. The Chief Guest, Mr Subhro Joardar, a well-known sports personality, and the world's first blade cricketer, lent his special touch with his encouraging presence. After the welcome the Principal declared the Sports Meet open. The students presented a drill display, skating and impressive karate demonstration in the Sports Centre.

The action then shifted to the Sports field . Students of Grade 1 to 5 competed in various novelty races and track events such as sack races, ready-for-school, hola hoop races, 'sum' race , three legged races and flat races.

Lively commentaries, and efficient sequencing of the events kept the excitement high, and everyone enthusiastic.

The last events were flat races for the parents. The day ended with our, Principal Ma'am- Mrs Aditi Mukherjee , Director Ma'am- Mrs Hilda Peacock, Mr Lawrence Hartnett, Headmistress Mrs Srabanti Basu, Primary coordinator Mrs Sumita Chatterjee and our Chief Guest Mr Subhro Joardar congratulating the winners, and presenting the Certificates and Medals.

Inter House Elocution Competition(Languages) ‘Kavyahaar’

The language department of GAIS organised an Inter house Elocution Competition "Kavyahaar" on 18th January. A preliminary round was held earlier and the students selected performed in the final round. Honourable Judges Ms. Sumona Roy and Ms. Rajshri Bhatt from La Martiniere For Girls School and Mr. Saumitra Anand from The Heritage School graced the occasion. The competition was in four languages Hindi, Bengali, Spanish and French. Grade III to XI participated in the event. Certificates were awarded to the winners by the honourable Judges. Students learnt the importance of voice modulation, clarity and pronunciation while reciting a poem.

Inter House Declamation Competition(English)

On 16th January, 2018, the Department of English had organised an Interhouse Declamation for grades 8,9 (group A) and 11(group B). Declamation can be defined as a 'speech with feeling' and is one of the oldest rhetorical exercises with Latin roots in the word 'declamatio'.

The 2 groups of students were given the subject matter beforehand and chosen after internal rounds in their respective classes. Group A was given excerpted passages from the Noble Peace Prize Acceptance Award of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever to win it and addressed people everywhere to stand up for the right to education irrespective of gender discrimination or violence of any kind.

 Group B was given a soliloquy of Macbeth from William Shakespeare's accalaimed play, 'Macbeth' wherein the Scottish general is found to be in an emotional turmoil before committing 'regicide' i.e. murder of King Duncan. The selected speech focussed on Macbeth's inner war prior to the committment of the 'deed' involving hallucinating of a bloody dagger. The soliloquy required students to recite some of the finest verses written by the dramatist.

The students were evaluated on memory, expression, diction among other criteria. Mr Lawrence William Hartnett and Mrs Hilda Peacock graced the judges' seats on the occasion and shared valueable feedback with the students. The event was a successful one given that it saw enthusiastic participation from 1st time participants who mastered the courage to speak in front of a large audience! At the end of the event, House points were awarded based on rankings of the winners in both the groups in which Ruby House topped with 5 points.

Street play on "Safe Drive Save Life" by GAIS students

The pupils of GEMS Akademia International School participated in the Road Safety Week programme, called Jaago organized by Kolkata Traffic Police. Students performed a street play on 'Road Safety' at Shakherbazar on 11th January 2018. The play included issues like the use of helmets, using the Zebras Crossing and foot over bridge, the risk of using cellphones and earphones while walking on a busy road, and the importance of following traffic rules. This was an exciting experience for the students since it was their maiden attempt at a street play. The pupils made good use of the space provided, and improvised on the spot. They attracted quite an appreciative audience.

 Week without Walls

The Week Without Walls is part of the annual calendar in the Junior Section. For one week all the students from Grades I to V had their first three classes of each day out in the open in the school campus. It was a different educational experience outside the four walls of the classroom, and the students had an opportunity to connect with nature even as they learnt their lessons. The main purpose of this activity is to awaken a consciousness of their environment in the children, and to enable them to connect with nature in a more personal way collectively as a class. The change from the usual often enables better learning to take place.

Joy of Giving

We started the Joy of Giving march from 22nd December, 2017 and started our request for donations for the people in need. It is a small initiation taken by the GEMS Akademia International School for a better place to live. Everyone including all the staff members took the initiation to bring some stuff, whether it is big or small. We started collecting from 4th of January, 2018 as soon as the school started. 

We collected stationery, toys, books and clothes. Everyone has given things whole heartedly. Then things will be contributed to Orphanage, NGOs and Old Age Home. Helping the people in need, for those who can not afford such things and privileges. We are more fortunate than others, we should whole heartedly come together to make earth better place.

December 2017

Inter House Spelling Competition

First round of the Inter House Spelling Competition was held on 17.11.2017. The students of second and third languages from Hindi, Bengali, French and Spanish participated in the competition. Selected students sat for the final round held on 4.12.17. The winners of the competition were awarded with certificates on the 19.12,17 and 20.12.17 in the assembly.

Annual Day Celebration

Hakuna Matata- Annual Day 2017 :Pre-Primary & Primary Section

On the 17th of December, the school hosted its Annual Day function. The Pre Primary and the Primary Section provided a touching rendition of “Hakuna Matata”, the story of the Lion King. 
Hakuna Mata teaches all to have no worries. We at GEMS Akademia make our environment thoroughly secure, ensuring the children have no worries, bringing out the best from and within them.

The program was graced by the presence of several Chief Guests and Guests of Honour and included Ms Alakananda Ray, Dance Educationist and eminent social activist; Mr Subhro Joardar, the world’s first blade-cricketer, Bengal’s first blade runner and Captain of All India Association of the Indian Cricket Team of the Physically Challenged; several Principals of city schools, members of the Board of Governors, and distinguished guests and parents.

 A Tale as Old as Time- Annual Day 2017: Middle & Senior Section

On the 17th of December the school hosted its Annual Day function. The Middle and Senior School present a dazzling display of talent in an adaptation of the fairy tale The Beauty and the Beast called 'A Tale as Old as Time'.

The Senior School have their own school musical band which plays three melodious songs during the play: the main track of Beauty and the Beast, 'Faded' and a 'Sky Full of Stars' adding a special touch to the star-studded truly magical performance giving us a tale as long as time.

Beauty and the Beast is a romance between a captive woman and the monster she at first believes might physically attack her but whom she eventually realizes she loves. This is Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's eighteenth-century fairy tale. The story portrays that no matter how ugly a situation appears there is always a silver lining; one must have patience to wait out the storm and conquer one’s fears. The story presents the ugly and encourages us to see the beauty behind. 
This program was graced by the presence of several Chief Guests and Guests of Honour and included Ms Alakananda Ray, Dance Educationist and eminent social activist; Mr Subhro Joardar, the world’s first blade-cricketer, Bengal’s first blade runner and Captain of All India Association of the Indian Cricket Team of the Physically Challenged; several Principals of city schools, members of the Board of Governors, and distinguished guests and parents.

The Annual Day function was well received by parents and distinguished guests. 

M.P.Birla School Cricket Tournament

 GAIS School participated in the M.P.Birla School Cricket Tournament organized by the school from

28/11/2017 to 1.12.17. The team played the Pre-quater final against C.I.S and won the match by 45 runs.Ritik Gupta  man of the match he scored 35 runs in 19 balls. Students lost to the host school in the Quarter finals on 1.12.17 by 54 runs.

November 2017

World Culture Day

Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development'.
GAIS hosted their third World Culture Day programme to celebrate the diversity of its students staff and faculty. Culture has been known since man came into existence. Culture is the total way of life that people in the society are blessed with. The pupils and the teachers of the Primary Section celebrated the cultural diversity and creativity of the wealth of the cultures across the globe. The occasion was graced by His Excellency Mr. Masayuki Taga, The Consul General of Japan, HIs Excellency Mr Eaknarayan Aryal, the Consul-General of Nepal, our CEO Mr. Lalit Bhutoria, Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett from GEMS, our

Principal Ms Aditi Mukherjee, Head Mistress Ms Srabanti Basu, Teachers, parents and our stars for the day, our pupils! 
That cultural diversity is an asset that is indispensable is the message that we tried to convey through this event. The message that we all are one in spite of our colour, creed, religion, ethnicity and race!

A Trip to Indian Museum by Art Students 

21st November, 2017 will always hold special meaning for GAIS and will be earmarked as the day The Indian Museum , Kolkata dedicated a new gallery known as the " Children's Gallery !" It will be remembered as the day a school took the initiative to introduce  a course for students interested in Art, namely, " Antique Study " and the school is none other than GAIS !!  GAIS is the first school to send a batch of students to the Indian Museum to attend the very first session of Antique Study. The students visited the Modelling Department along with our Art Teachers and Mr.Narayan Mondal, Senior Modellor - Indian Museum , Kolkata. This course is very important for students interested in pursuing Art as a profession and will help them greatly to secure seats when applying to Art College. We are thankful to Dr.. Rajesh Purohit Director - Indian Museum,KOLKATA ,for his support and cooperation and also for dedicating this new gallery to promote and showcase artistic talent among school children and I would also like to thank Miss Jonaki Mukherjee for being a good guide to our students and all of this was possible because of the great supervision of Smt. Tanuja  Ghosh(Senior Guide Lecturer, Indian Museum). We are very proud to announce that the first ever exhibit to be put up at this new gallery was done by our very own Kamaline Paul. She will hold the distinction of being the first student in Kolkata to exhibit her work at the Museum !     It is indeed a great achievement for her as well as for GAIS ! MAY THE BANNER OF GAIS KEEP FLYING HIGH and may all our students keep excelling in their individual fields so as to bring more glory and laurels to our School !!

Inter-School Football Tournament 2017 - New Town School Kolkata

GEMS Akademia International School emerged jubilant winners in Kick-Start 2017-2018, the Inter-School Football Tournament hosted and organized by the New Town School. The road to the final involved beating DPS, North Kolkata; International Public School and Bhavan's Gangabux Kanaria Vidyamandir in the semi-final. All matches were well-contested and played in a good spirit. In the exciting final played against The Heritage School, GAIS won 5-3 in the penalty shootout.

We congratulate our team and their coach for bringing laurels to the school, and wish them much success in all future tournaments, even as we look forward to more trophies as well.

A Trip to Indiana Institute of chemical Biology 

A Field trip to Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Students of grade ISE science, A,AS level science and ICSE visited spectrometry, dendritic, cancer, immunology and bioinformatics labs. They had interaction with scientists

The  students experienced watching tagged rat's heart cell through a Fluorescent microscope.A scientist explained  density centrifugation at the immunology lab.Trips such as these help nurture the scientific attitudes and trends in our pupils.

Children's Day Celebration

The pupils of GAIS saw their teachers in an entirely new role as they put on a special programme in honour of Children's Day, the Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The teachers sang, recited, danced and acted out a skit to entertain the children, as well as convey the message that they too had talents which they displayed for the sake of the children.

All in all the reminders of childhood were celebrated and enjoyed, as also the special snacks for the occasion.

A Seminar on Colonialism organized by The Garden High School

India has a rich legacy of colonialism. To go down the memory lane and be a part of British india, the students of grade XI humanities department went to Garden High School to attend the Satikanto Guha Memorial Humanities seminar on 27-10-17.

As different aspects are being discussed on colonialism it appears of great interest to the students. The eminent panalist present in the seminar shared thrir individual ideas on colonialism in context to the present socio..political. economic scenario. Our students of humanities department relived those past experiences and enhanced their knowledge on colonialism.


With Prismatic 2017- the Science and Maths Fest- coming to an end we saw groups of children coming out of the exhibition with smiles on their faces. The students had enthusiastically set up their projects in the school by 10.00 am. They eagerly explained their projects to the judges and every visitor. Many of the models displayed the inherent talent and skill of the students, sometimes beyond their chronological ages. It was a truly learning experience for them.

October 2017

ASISC Cricket Tournament

GEMS Akademia International School played host to the ASISC Regional Cricket tournament from 29th -31st October 2017. 
The Executive members of ASISC, West Bengal chapter Mr. Sujoy Biswas- President, Mr. Nabarun De- Secretary, and Treasurer Mr. Animesh Dey were present on the first day and the final day. This event saw 30 schools from across West Bengal participating with great enthusiasm. South City International School, Kolkata emerged as winners while Adamas International School bagged the runner-up trophy. GAIS qualified in the pre-quarterfinals but unfortunately lost against South City International School, after a nail-biting match! The players for the West Bengal State team have been selected from this event and would represent our state in the ASISC National Cricket Tournament on 14th November 2017 in Mumbai.

GEMS Akademia International School : 'PUN' International Puppet Festival - The FUN of 'PUN' at GAIS — with Mascots and Puppets Specialists and Noisy Oyster at GEMS Akademia International School

GEMS Akademia International School hosts the International Puppet Festival PUN-Puppet Unite Neighbours, 2017.
In an effort to receive the culture of puppetry and celebrate this wonderful art, GAIS co-hosted PUN festival along with 
RGV Events held on the 28th of October, 2017 in the school campus from 9:30 to 11:30 am. PUN is an initiative to revive this almost extinct form of entertainment and education. Working the edge between entertainment and education, puppets can teach, persuade and unite.
The participating countries for the event were Germany, Lithuania, UK, Singapore, and of course our very own country, India. The puppet masters put up their ‘mini puppets theatres’ in the school Art Studio, Library and Cafeteria. Children from institutions across the city were the invitees for this unique and one of its kind event in the City of Joy! The Grand finale of the event was staged in the Multi-purpose auditorium of the school. The school was decorated with puppets made by pupils and wore a joyful look. 
The purpose of this association is to enable students to develop their creative abilities and encourage imagination- which is what GEMS Akademia International School teaches.

August 2017


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”- John C. Maxwell

The Prefects' Investiture on 1st August 2017, was a significant event in the academic calendar. The official conferring of titles and investing of powers upon the members of the School Council was organized in the Sports Centre and presided over by our Director, Principal, Head of School and our Head Mistress in the presence of some parents, teachers and the student body. They received Sashes and Badges of office from the Senior Leadership Team, and the School and House flags were handed over by the previous office bearers to the newly invested Head Boy and Head Girl, and House Captains. The Investiture signified the reliance and confidence of the school in the newly invested office bearers even as they took a united pledge to uphold the ideals of the school and perform their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. We congratulate them and wish the new Student Council all the very best for the year 2017-2018.

Grandparent's Day 2017

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." – Alex Haley

With that little touch of magic GAIS observed Grandparents’ Day on 10th August, 2017. The Pre-primary and Primary sections celebrated this day with great joy and enthusiasm in the presence of the grandparents of our pupils. This year the event had added poignancy as our special invitees came from a Senior Citizens' Home. The children performed to songs, dance and poems, which the audience greatly appreciated. As a token of love and appreciation GAIS presented gifts to the group of special invitees. The programme concluded with a game for grandparents, and vote of thanks to all who were a part of this. The greatest gifts however were for us in the twinkles of happiness in the eyes of these ‘ever young at heart’ and the joyful smiles on their faces.

Lipichitra 2017

The Language Department of GAIS organised "Lipichitra", the Annual Inter-House Poster Making competition, in July this year. The prelims saw the students participating across four language categories- Hindi, Bengali, French and Spanish. The topic was "Unity in Diversity". The short-listed candidates participated in the final round where the topic was "Music of the Rain". Our Guest of Honour , Ms Moumita Goswami from La Martiniere for Girls’, judged the competition and gave away the prizes.
The winners for LIPICHITRA 2017 are:


1ST Emerald House Mrigakshi Majumder (VI)

2nd Topaz House Debatri Chatterjee (VI)

1st Topaz House Sagnik Roy (VII)
2nd Sapphire House Samriddhi Singh (VII)

1st Sapphire House Sudipta Das (VIII)
2nd Topaz House Tasmin Jitaree and Tulika Das (VIII)

1st Ruby House Nisha Dubey (IX)
2nd Topaz and Emerald Sakshi Khaitan and Bikram Seth (XI)
1st Ruby House Jenifer Hossain (X)
2nd Topaz House Anushka Majumder (X)
A special Certificate was awarded to Ronald Gomes of grade XI, Emerald House. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Neha Sharma and Hiya Biswas of grade XI.

Independence Day Celebration 2017

GAIS celebrated India's 71st Independence Day enthusiastically on the school campus. After the Principal unfurled the National Flag, all assembled sang the National Anthem. This was followed by dances, a recitation, and a Pyramid Drill, all following a patriotic theme. The programme closed with the student council leading the assembly in patriotic slogans culminating in Bharat Mata Ki Jai, and Jai Hind.

ASISC Painting Competition

Students of GEMS Akademia International School participated in a Painting Competition organized and conducted by ASISC at Young Horizon's School on 11th August, 2017. Kamaline Paul of Grade XI (ISC) of our school secured the second position in the senior zonal category. We are proud of her and wish her all the best for the future!

July 2017

Inter School Girls Football

The first Girls Inter school football tournament for GAIS was held in the New Town school on 22nd July . The matches were based on 5 aside rules . Our school won 3-0 against Techno India, Mankundu. They lost in the second match against Mahadevi Birla World Academy. Former Bayern Munich woman footballer Sarah Romert gave personal training to the girls.

Junior NBA Kevin Durant workshop

The workshop was held in Collin’s Institute , Moulali. 2000 students participated in the programme. 18 students from GAIS participated in the Event. The programme was very informative and a good learning experience for all. Two of our students ,Sumeet Jain and Farhan Adbi , due to their good performances in the Junior NBA were given special permission to imbibe direct personal training from the experts. All the students received T-shirts and wrist bands.

Keventers Cup

Keventers Cup was held between 17th and 23rd of July 2017. GAIS won one match and drew two, but could not make to the quarter finals.Souryadipto Dutta won the best player medal in the match against St Marys DumDum.

Inter House Basketball Competition

The Inter House Basketball was held over a period of four days. Students were very enthusiastic and thrilled to participate in the event. The players showed tremendous vigor and a healthy spirit of competition and a display of team work. both Boys and girls participated in this event and it was a roaring success. The results were as follows: 1) Senior Boys: Winners: Topaz House Runner's Up Ruby House Final Score 15-13, it was neck to neck until the finish. A delight to watch. 2) Middle School Boys: Winners: Emerald House Runner's Up Topaz House 3) Senior Girls: Winners: Topaz House Runner's Up Emerald House 4) Junior Girls: Dribbling and Shooting Competition: Winners: Ruby House Runner's Up Sapphire House.


The GEMS Akademia International School celebrated VANMAHOTSAV on the 4th of July, 2017. The significance of the Chipko movement was told to the students and its relation with Van Mahotsav in the morning assembly. The children took a tour of the school with posters, badges, wristbands and headgears made by them with recycled paper. Our pupils with their teachers planted saplings to mark the occasion. It was a learning experience for the students which they thoroughly enjoyed.

June 2017


Literaria is a literature festival of GEMS Akademia International School. In this fest, the school focused on the literary and cultural diversity on a global platform. It captured the essence of all cultures linked by a thin thread (six degrees of separation). Our Chief Guest was His Excellency Eaknarayan Aryal the Consul General of Nepal. The student council welcomed him with a Guard of Honour and an “Uttariya” in true Indian tradition.
This year’s LITERARIA was experienced through the eyes of Goopy and Bagha, immortalised by the legendary film-maker Satyajit Ray. The programme was interspersed with songs, dance and skits; each representing a country of the world. The event concluded with the song 'We Are The World' and a vote of thanks by our Principal Ms Aditi Mukherjee.

Parent's Day Celebration

The love between a parent and their children is Always and Forever.
The celebrate this special bonding between parents and children, GAIS organized Parents Day in the school on 23rd June ’17 where the students of Nursery to Grade V expressed their feelings for their parents by singing, dancing, and recitation.The wonderful performances was which were enjoyed by the gathering. 
Mr. Lawrence Hartnett addressed the parents and Principal Ms. Aditi Mukherjee gave the Vote Of Thanks. 
Parents participated enthusiastically in the game: Bombing the City, winners were given prizes followed by refreshments which were served for the guests. It was a happy day for the parents and their children.

EduSports Partner League

21st to 23rd of June, 2017 marked the second edition of EduSports Partner League (EPL) at GEMS Akademia International School. This is the first time that the girls of GEMS Akademia experienced the magic of soccer. There were about 75 girls and around 250 boys who participated in this soccer extravaganza! Exceptionally talented players were identified and later felicitated in this event. The children showed skill and finesse while they tackled and dribbled the ball. GAIS is eagerly looking forward to another edition of EPL in the coming year!!

World Environment Day

World environment was celebrated on 16.6.17 by planting of saplings by grade II A. The saplings were brought by the students. They planted the saplings in pots painted by grades 6to 8. The little ones learnt how to plant saplings and this would help in keeping our environment clean and healthy. They were helped by teachers in the activity.

May 2017

Rabindra Jayanti celebration

The GEMS Akademia family paid homage to Nobel Laureate Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore through a short cultural programme on his 157th Birthday. The lighting of the inaugural lamp was followed by an invocation composed by Rabindranath Tagore and presented by the teachers of the school. The cultural programme was enriched with Tagore’s dance drama Pujarini-based on a Buddhist legend, a song ‘Purano sei diner kotha ‘ and its Scottish Version ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and a series of dance performances based on Bhanusingher Padabali and several others works of Tagore by students from the Primary and Senior sections. There were also songs by the teachers, several prose and poetry recitations, and a violin recital. The vote of thanks and singing of the National Anthem brought the programme to a close.

Inter – House Cricket Competition

The Inter House Cricket Competition was held over three days, for the first time there were separate matches for girls and they really enjoyed the game.

The matches were for 5 overs each for the junior students and girls and the senior boys had their matches of 7 overs each.

Students were very enthusiastic to play and there was a spirit of healthy competition in all the houses, and everyone had a lot of fun within the rules of the game.


The results are as follows:


Primary Section:

2nd May 2017: Winners: Ruby

Runners-up: Emerald


Mixed Team - Girls:

2nd May 2017: Winners: Topaz

Runners-up: Ruby


Middle School:

3rd May 2017: Winners: Sapphire

Runners-up: Topaz


Senior School:

5th May 2017: Winners: Sapphire

Runners-up: Ruby

April 2017

World Dance Day celebration 

World Dance Day was celebrated in our school on 28th April 2017. The children performed three dance forms - Bollywood Hip-Hop, Lyrical Jazz and Indian Classical Dance. As part of the programme there was a short prayer, as well as a short talk on the importance of celebrating World Dance Day.

Inter House Creative Writing Competition ‘SRIJANI’ 2017

The Language Department of GAIS conducted the Annual Inter House Creative Writing Competition 'Srijani' on 27th & 28th April. The students of Primary, ICSE & CIE departments participated very enthusiastically. Entries were received in all four Languages- Hindi, Bengali, Spanish & French. 
The certificates were distributed to the winners at a special assembly conducted on 12th May.

World Book Day ‘DEAR’ programme 

GAIS celebrated the World Book Day with its DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) programme on Tuesday, 25th April across all grades from III to X. Students, Teachers and support staffs participated by keeping all activities and work aside to read books from 9:20 AM to 9:50 AM. A few students were also found borrowing books from the library while bubbling with excitement. GAIS looks forward to many more DEAR events in the future with aim of inculcating reading habits among all its learners.

Earth Day Celebration- 2017

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. It is a day to educate others on small, yet effective changes that we can make in our everyday life to reduce our environmental impact and bring awareness to current environmental issues.

At GAIS, Earth Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The teachers took the initiative and enacted the ‘Chipko Movement’ to make the students aware of the importance of trees for life on earth. Students also made Earth Day Badges, wrote slogans and prepared collaged to celebrate this very important day.

7th Foundation Day celebrated on 18.4.17

Silver Zone French Olympiad, 2016

The Silver Zone State Level French Olympiad, 2016 saw the GAIS champs don several winning feathers on their caps! 
The State Level Winners are as follows:

Rank 2ND State Level-Ahmed Aradhya Islam, Grade VII 
Rank 7TH State Level-Aryaman Ghosh, Grade VIII 
Rank 15TH State Level-Anushka Mondal, Grade IX CIE 
Rank 16TH State Level-Tanishka Agarwal, Grade IX CIE 
Rank 34TH State Level-Mansi Agarwal, Grade VII

GAIS is proud of its achievers and wishes them all the Luck for their future!

March 2017

Teachers ‘Assembly, 17th March

Teachers ‘Assembly, 17th March, 2017- The final assembly for the academic session, 2016-2017 was planned and conducted by the teachers at the end of the successful completion of the Final Term Examination. The assembly started with a short prayer, highlights of school-news of the session gone by, the thought of the day, and a teacher choir singing, ‘Forever Young’ by Bob Dylan. There was a short skit on the constructive usage of time and finally, distribution of certificates and trophies of excellence in school, Nazariya and Agaz-e-Dosti. The singing of the National Anthem brought the event to a satisfactory conclusion.

Nazariya National Level Painting Competition 

“NAZARIYA” the national level painting competition portraying children’s view on environment saw students from GAIS participating along with schools from across the country. The competition was held both at the School & National Level where our pupils emerged victorious with their interpretation of nature/environment. 
At national Level, Troy Thomas won the 3rd prize in the Junior Level Competition while Nandika Bhutoria won the Sub-Junior Consolation prize.

The other School Level achievers were:

Senior Level:
1ST Sakshi Agarwal
2ND Keya Ghosh
3RD Tanisha Agarwal & Mansi Agarwal

Sub-Junior Level:
1ST Nandika Bhutoria
2ND Shayaan Khan
3RD Rajrup Das

Junior Level:
1ST Troy Thomas
2ND Aftab Hussain
3RD Dola Shil

Kindergarten Culmination

The Kindergarten 2 Graduation Day was held on 15 March 2017. Apart from the parents and families of the students, our Director, Ms Hilda Peacock, Principal Ms Aditi Mukherjee and the HOS Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett were present. After the Welcome Speech by Co-ordinator Ms Sumita Chatterjee, and an address by the HOS, a video presentation featured the year- round activities of the pre-schoolers and speeches eloquently delivered by the children of Kindergarten 2. The graduating class presented two lively performances. Following the awarding of Certificates to the Graduating students, some parents shared their appreciation of the contributions of the school to their children's development. After the vote of thanks proposed by the Principal all present were invited to refreshments.

February 2017

Special Assembly on International Mother Language Day by ICSE and CIE

The importance and influence of mother tongue in one’s life is utmost. The Akademians of GAIS found the perfect opportunity on 21st February - International Mother Language Day to show their love and respect for the language. The main purpose to celebrate this day is to promote awareness of language and cultural diversity across the world. The program started with a pledge and a prayer in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore. A Short skit followed detailing the historical events that led to 21st February being celebrated as ‘Bhasha Diwas’ or 'International Mother Language Day'. The students also paid tribute to the martyrs through recitation and a beautiful dance performance, the student’s rendition of ‘Ami Banglaye Gaan Gayi’ mesmerized the audience. Our children from Thailand gave tribute to their mother language ‘Thai’ by singing their National Anthem. The assembly was concluded with the motivational song ‘Itni Shakti Humein Dena Daata….’ presented by teachers and students.


“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” said the great philosopher LaoTzu.
Similarly, the journey forth for a student from the school starts with the Grade X examinations.
This year the Blessing Ceremony for the students of Grade X (ICSE) was held on February 20, 2017. The students of Grades VI to IX along with all the teachers were a part of this occasion. 
Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett, the H.O.S. and GEMS representative began the proceedings of the morning with an invocation to the Almighty. Mrs. Hilda Peacock, Director, GEMS Akademia International School elucidated the importance of examinations in the life of a student. She laid great emphasis on life - long learning, evaluation and discipline. Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee, Principal, GEMS Akademia International School addressed the gathering with a narrative based on – ‘We create great things unknowingly’. The ambiance was heightened with a harmonious presentation - “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing” by the students of Grade IX. The ceremony came to an end with the handing over of mementos on behalf of the school.
 It was a moment of great pride for the teachers who set sail the ocean liners that they have built of the sailboats that came in their care.
“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A friendly Cricket match between Sourav Ganguly Academy and Team GAIS 

The young Stars blazed away! Sixes, Fours and the techniqueswere mind blowing. GAIS team won the match.


“Excellence is the best ink with which to make your mark in the world.” 
― Matshona Dhliwayo
It is with this spirit that the Blessing Ceremony of GEMS Akademia Global School for the IGCSE batch of 2016-2017 was conducted on 3rd February 2017.
Reading of sacred hymns from the Bhagawad Gita marked a fitting beginning of the beautifully orchestrated programme. Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowing in the wind’, performed by a team of students and teachers from the CIE section, filled the ambience with melody. The poem ‘Block City’ by R.L. Stevenson was recited as a dedication to our outgoing IGCSE batch this year, to inspire them to achieve their full future potential. The students of Grade VII CIE put up a beautiful performance entitled ‘Deep Siksha Ke’ to further motivate them.
The performance was followed by our Principal Ma’am’s inspirational speech addressing the students, enlightening them about their journey that lies ahead.
The heartwarming programme concluded with the blessing of students individually by the teachers in which they were presented with handmade-cards, roses and pouches of stationary.
It is ceremonies like this that remind us that in GAIS, the meaning of education is so much more than academic results, but focusing on holistic development and instillment of correct values for our future citizens.

Buddy Camp organised on for grades 3,4 & 5

Camping activities give children an opportunity to hone certain life skills while having fun. The overnight buddy camp held on the 3rd of February in our GEMS Akademia International School introduced innovative ways of learning life and management skills to children of Grades III - V. This camp emphasized self-reliance, discipline and responsibility and overall personality development. It also had creative sessions on Art & Craft, Zumba Session, Pitching tents, Strategies on how to cross a river, climbing a rock face, campfire and much more.
Professionals from “Hooghly River Camp” taught the children different ways of crossing a river and climbing a rock face using ropes and harness. This instilled the belief that each individual is capable of using their physical and mental strength together to face and overcome the challenges of various situations in life.
The Children also learnt the nuances of gardening and how to care for plants and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and understood responsible independence. They had a wonderful 24 hours with their friends with music and dancing around the evening campfire. Pizzas, Maggi and a hearty Continental dinner added to their enthusiasm. The camp concluded with when the buddies sat and watched a movie together.
GAIS - Where every experience is a like skill. 

Saraswati Puja celebration at GAIS

Devi Saraswati is the Goddess of music arts wisdom and learning. From the earliest mention during the period of 'RigVeda', till this day, Devi Saraswati is invoked to bless the devotees with greater boon of learning, music, art and culture and last but not the least - wisdom.
She forms a part of the divine trinity which retains and regenerates the Universe and is invoked on the fifth day of Spring or Vasant Panchami. 
We at GAIS
 too invoke her to grant us wisdom and learning.

January 2017

Cancer Awareness Walk 


CANCER - the dreaded C word that eats away at lives that still had so much potential.
It is empowering and exhilerating to be a part of a cause that joins hands to fight this malice. A call that actually makes a difference by spreading awareness that is critically necessary for prevention and early detection.
GAIS is proud to be a part of this wonderful cause called CANCER WALK, in which several city schools participated. The students were really excited and made beautiful banners, placards and charts that had slogans of fighting cancer.
The walk started on a sunny winter morning from Harish Chandra Park, Hazra - a venue made delightfully bright and colourful by balloons that were distributed to all the participatory children. It was extremely heartwarming to see the children with their banners held high, balloons tied to their wrists and faces proudly smiling. A 30 minute walk lead us to the destination - The Citizen’s Park, beside the Victoria Memorial. A fantastic event awaited us there with some celebrities from Tollywood and reputed city doctors. Along with a lovely music performance, extremely important messages were spread about Cancer awareness, how to take precautions and how Cancer can be fought if detected at an early stage. 
The event ended with children releasing their colourful balloons up in the sky and adorning each other with colours of dry Aabir. 
Along with the balloons, a hope soared in the morning sky - a hope of joy, of bravery and the will to fight against all odds.

Road Safety Campaign

GAIS students participated in a Road Safety Campaign on 13th January, 2017, in the Taratalla, Chowrasta and Thakurpukur areas. 36 senior students and Faculty Members were actively involved. This was in collaboration with Kolkata Police and the respective Police Stations.
Mrs Anjali Shah coordinated the campaign. Students at the allotted areas held placards relating to Road Safety. Traffic personal gave them the microphone and they explained the traffic rules and zebra crossings etc. to the public. Kolkata Police and GAIS really appreciate the effort by our students for creating awareness among the people about Road Safety.

"NAZARIYA" a National level Art Competition

"NAZARIYA" a National level Art Competition was held at GAIS on 13.1.17 under the supervision of the Art Department for students of Grades I to IX . There was enthusiastic participation again this year, and we look forward to several receiving national recognition for their artwork.

Week without walls: Primary Section

We have a deep rooted connection with nature. It reminds us of the divine, shapes our imaginations, divides our day and inspires many thoughts.

Our Primary Department conducted a "Week without Walls" with the first few periods each day conducted in the open, in our natural surroundings. Apart from their regular classes they had music, story telling, Science classes taken by the Head of School, Principal and Headmistress. Students enjoyed the experience of being in classes without walls, and so did the teachers.

Play Learn and Grow Together at GAIS

Children learn best when parents share in their growing up and learning through shared activities, experiences and stories. Recognizing this, GAIS organised a two-hour session of Parental Engagement - ‘Play, Learn and Grow Together’ in the school on 28th of January. Children of the Pre-Primary and Grades 1 and 2, and their parents, participated in activities like Musical Hoola Hoops and Decorating Cupcakes. A special demonstration of decorating cup cakes was given just prior to the event by Ms Garima Mahnot, Special Guest for the day. Ms Mahnot owns a very successful bakery –Chocó lust.
The children walked the ramp with a parent, wearing clothes made of recycled materials such as Newspapers, CDs, Spoons, Plastic Bags, an so on. Several children spoke very confidently about the importance of saving our Planet. In a surprise event the Pre-primary students were blindfolded and asked to recognise their mothers using their sense of touch. They were very successful in doing this. Participants and all winners received attractive prizes. Most of the parents wanted many such parent-child activities in the future as well

December 2016


The Sports Meet 2016 at GEMS Akademia International School..Day 2...spectacular performances by our Akademians. .Drill..Acrobatics...Hundred meter flat race..Relay race..and more...All of them are the shining Gems of GAIS who have made us proud..Enjoyed to the fullest. ..


GAIS bags the 2nd position amongst 55 schools in the Eco-Acheivers Quiz, organized by Rotary club of Kolkata Yuvis and Inner Wheel Club of Metro Maidan and SAEVUS. Held on 10th December 2016 at The Heritage School, Kolkata, the quiz was conducted by Quiz Master Mr. Rajib Sanyal.


On 5th December, 2016, The Language Department of GEMS Akademia International School organised 'Kavyahaar', a recitation competition for the students of Grades VI to IX. The preliminary rounds were held in the last week of November, when students were selected for the final round. The language categories were Hindi, Bengali, Spanish & French. The eminent panel of Judges appreciated the efforts of the school in promoting these language and recitation skills in the children, and gave valuable suggestions for further improvement.

Geographical Trip to DIAMOND HARBOUR

A geographical trip to Diamond Harbour. ..Children did a survey in the village of Bhagabanpur. ..collected primary data as a part of their project work...They got hands on experience of research work...Children enjoyed thoroughly. ..As a geography teacher I would like to thank Gems Akademia International School and my management for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this project work.

‘Early Age Crayons’ 

GAIS held the ‘Early Age Crayons’ competition for Primary students this week. The drawing competition helped the children with a channel for expressing their colorful imagination and ideas on paper. The winners were awarded with certificates at the end of the event.

Felicitation of Harsh Jalan

Harsh Jalan, who scored 94% at the AS level and was the National Topper in Biology, was felicitated at the school assembly this morning. He thanked his teachers, and the school for enabling him to achieve these results, and gratefully appreciated the whole-hearted support of his parents 
Ms Gouri Bhattacharya , Harsh's Biology Teacher, and Ms Santa Das teacher of Achira Bhattacharya, (National Topper in English 2015) were also felicitated for their significant contributions to the success of these students in particular.

November 2016

World Culture Day 2016

"Celebrating cultural diversity means opening up new perspectives for sustainable development and promoting creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship as sources of millions of jobs worldwide – particularly for young people and especially for women. Culture is a sustainable development accelerator whose potential has been recognized in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations."
Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO
The celebration of World Culture Day marks unity in diversity. However, as humans we are united through our culture no matter how different we are in race, traditions, ethnicity and religion. We celebrate life and being one in spite of the differences!
The Akademians of the Primary Section at GEMS Akademia International School, celebrated 29th November as the World Culture Day, keeping in mind the core values propagated by GEMS - that of Global Citizenship and Growing by Learning. Children understand and celebrate cultures around the world and learn to respect each for its uniqueness. Take a look at how our gems shared their knowledge of diversity in culture.


The students of Gems Akademia International School participated in a programme organised by the Dignity Foundation which is an organisation which is a non profitable organisation for the Elderly people. Our school took part in a cultural programme on the occasion of International Day for Older Persons. A cash donation was also given by Gems Akademia. This really inspired our children and were very enthusiastic to attend this function. 


The Fourth edition of ZAPPUS, the Inter-School Sports Fest with a total participation of 22 schools, including the host school, was organized by GAIS on the 25th & 26th November 2016 on the school campus. The Opening Ceremony on the 25th featured a very sporting dance choreographed to indicate the five games in the competition. The competition was declared open by the Chief Guest after a motivating speech.

We at GAIS are grateful to all who participated and encouraged us, and look forward to having all of them with us again next year. We congratulate all the Winners and Runners-up:

Basketball - Boys
Winners : Calcutta International School
Runners-up: GEMS Akademia International School

Basketball - Girls
Winners: Calcutta Girls High School
Runners-up: GEMS Akademia International School

Badminton - Mixed
Winners: The Future Foundation School
Runners-up: GEMS Akademia International School

Throw ball - Girls
Winners: Loreto Day School, Sealdah
Runners-up: GEMS Akademia International School

Table Tennis-
Winners and Runners-up: Bridge International School

Football - Boys-
Winners: St. Stephen's School, Dum Dum
Runners-up: Calcutta Public School, Kalikapur


GAIS got featured in 'The Telegraph- Metro', as one of the merit winners of the Ambuja Realty Awards for excellence in 'Maintenance and Eco-friendly Initiatives'. This is the fourth consecutive year that GAIS has won this award. #TheTelegraphMetro #LifeAtGAIS 
Issue date - 23rd November 2016 
Page number - 18


In honour of INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE DAY on 10th November, the students and teachers of GEMS Akademia had organised 'PRISMATIC 2016' - the INTER HOUSE SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS FEST. This Fest gave the students the opportunity to read, explore and then illustrate through models, charts and their verbal explanations their understanding of many current and practical concepts and issues that involve Mathematics and Science in everyday life. 
There were a few colourful Rangolis as well. Time well spent, away from the class, but nevertheless learning!

Children’s Day at GAIS

The GAIS team celebrated children’s day with a new twist this Friday as the school came together for a day full of exciting activities and special events prepared by the teachers for their dear students. The teachers stepped out of their classrooms showcasing brilliant talents in the form of classical dance, drama, and music. The children actively participated in the activities and enjoyed the show. 


In a recent blood donation drive, by the Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Kolkata, GEMS Akademia International School has come forward to take part in this social activity by organising a blood donation camp at #GAIScampus on 15th Nov from 10.00 am onwards.


The Language Department organized 'Lipichitra,' a poster making competition on the 3rd and 4th of October 2016 for Grades 6 to 10. The topic was 'Festivals of India.' 
The prize winners were awarded certificates at the assembly on 11th November,2016.

Participation in Junior fest Abhivyakti-Heritage School

Congratulating our sparkling gems on winning 2nd position in The Heritage School Dance Competition. All of us at #GAIS are proud of your achievement.


As part of their environmental awareness, some of our students went outdoors to see how Composting happens in the school . They put all the green waste in the pit and covered it with a layer of soil, so the process of composting could take place. They learned the value of composted soil as a natural and organic fertilizer. 
Our students get regular opportunities such as this to experience and watch first hand natural processes at work.


At GEMS Akademia International School we nurture happy, enthusiastic, healthy, motivated and productive employees. 
Health camp organized at GAIS under the aegis of Bajaj Allianz and in collaboration with renowned Doctors of Kolkata


WORLD RUN DAY was observed this morning at GEMS Akademia International School. Students could run for any distance they felt they could manage. All participants had some healthy fun while they ran.


Our students of Grades 6 and 7 visited the Indian Museum, the oldest and largest museum in India, with over 100,000 antiques and artifacts. They admired the paintings and wondered how the colours were so real and vibrant. They were most enthusiastic in the "Egypt" room, with its real mummy, and many other Egyptian artifacts. 
A tourist from Europe admired Kainat Dewan's (from Grade 6 C) sketch of a Buddhist sculpture. She also asked if she could have the autographed sketch to take back to Europe. It's always a good feeling to have the work and talents of our children admired and appreciated.


GEMS Akademia kids, attended the Bookaroo Event, at The Indian Museum. Looking forward to many such participations. #GAIS #LifeAtGAIS

Workshop at GAIS - "Museum of a Million Hamlets

Glimpses of yesterday’s workshop-"Museum of a Million Hamlets", conducted by Mr. Parnab Mukherjee. It was a great pleasure to have this leading alternative theatre director, spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession at the #GAIS campus.

October 2016


Mahisasuramardini or the one and half hour audio montage of Chandipath narrates that Durga is the primeval source of power, all qualities reside in her. She is one and yet known by many names. She is Shakti - the mother of all energy and forces.

The senior school students of GEMS Akademia International School presents their concept of Shakti, as the entire state of Bengal gears up for the much awaited celebration of Good winning over Evil - Durga Puja.

Photography - Sandipto Mukhopadhyay, Grade XI
Concept - Rohit Roy, Grade XI
Models - Sourav Singh, Sourav Dev and Arnab Kumar Deb, Grade XI
Voice-over - Ahmed Aradhya Islam, Grade VII and Anubhav Mukherjee, Grade VIII

Special Thanks to
Mr. Kalyanasis Sengupta - Coordination
Ms. Issani Paul Chowdhury - Script
Mr. Subhradeep Chatterjee - Editing
Events Team and the ENTIRE Academic & Non Academic Members of GEMS Akademia International School.

Eye Screening Programme 

GEMS Akademia International School in association with The International Association of Lions Clubs Eye Screening Programme for School Students, organised an Eye Testing Camp at the school premises on 3rd October, 2016. 800 students benefited from this camp spearheaded by 5 Doctors and 5 Lion Club Members.

Finale of Inter House Declamation

The Finale of Inter House Declamation was organised at GAIS on 3rd October for the students of Grades VI to VIII.

Ms. Ankita Mitra, famous theater personality judged the participants on verses recited from Shakespearean plays. Expression, pronunciation, intonation, memory and overall presentation were the parameters of judging. The winners of the event are as follows:

Group B
1st - Aardhya Islam-Grade VII – Topaz House 
2nd - Anwesha Chakraborty –Grade VII B – Ruby House
3rd - Arunima Pahari-Grade VII A – Sapphire House
Group C
1st position-Nisha Dubey-Grade VIII A – Ruby House
2nd position-Anubhav Mukherjee – VIII A – Emerald House
3rd position-Priyanka Mukhopadhyay- VIII A – Topaz House.

Swimming Competition

Competitive swimming builds the whole child physically, mentally, psychologically, and socially. GEMS Akademia International School organized an Inter-House Swimming Competition for the students to help them succeed at high-quality physical education

ANTHE Scholarship Examination

The ANTHE Scholarship Examination organised at National Level by Aakash Institute was held for our students at GAIS on 23rd October, 2016.
Students of Grades VIII and IX appeared for the Entry Level to the Foundation courses, while Grade X students appeared for the entrance to the competitive classes for Engineering and Medical.
We wish our students success in the Examinations.

ICSE Orientation

An Orientation Program was organised for the students and parents of Grade X, ICSE on 5th October, 2016.
The Headmistress highlighted the important pointers about ICSE 2017 and also stressed the selection of the right Board for the students after completion of ICSE.
The subject options offered at GAIS for the ISC 2017-18 session were discussed and the proforma stating the same was given to parents.
At the Q & A session following the Orientation, all queries of parents and students were answered to their satisfaction.

#ranked no1 school

 The Annual Education World Rankings organised by the Education World India School Ranking award surveying some of the best Schools in India and the world.

GAIS once again emerged at the forefront and was rated 1st in Kolkata and 3rd in West Bengal in the category of the Best Day- cum- Boarding School 2016.
The Principal, Mrs Aditi Mukherjee, received the award on behalf of the School at the Awards Ceremony in New Delhi on 24-09-2016
The School proves that hardwork and sincere efforts pave the way to success.
It implements activities and methods which give the students freedom to ideate, discover, create, persist and learn in a holistic manner.
GAIS is linked up with Educomp, ExtraMarks, Ummeed, Edu Sports, GEMS - world leaders in K-12 education, and various other organisations, and continues to make its presence felt in the academic and sporting world.

An Excursion to Dooars

An excursion to the foothills of the Himalayas in North Bengal was organised for the GAIS students of Grades VII - XII from 28th September - 2nd October., 2016. A team of 92 students accompanied by 9 teachers undertook the adventurous tour to the tropical forests of Dooars - rich in wildlife and natural vegetation. The students went for a Jungle Safari through the Gorumara National Park, visited the Rhino Camp at Medla and witnessed the Jaldhaka Hydel Power Plant and the Bindu Barrage at the Indo-Bhutan Border. The team also visited the ‘Viewpoint’, a place considered heavenly for nature lovers and also got the chance to mingle with and experience the local culture of the Tribals of Lataguri district. The final stop before heading home was Samsing-Suntalikhola through the meandering roads lined with tea-gardens. The overall experience enriched the learning of young pupils and left an indelible impression on their young minds. This first pan-school excursion served as an eye-opener to our bright pupils and triggered their quest for further such exploration in the future.

September 2016

How to Cope with Examination Stress and Anxiety

At a recent workshop in school the middle and senior school students learned how to cope with examination stress and anxiety and do well in their examinations.

Special Assembly on Janmashthami

The Primary Section organized a special assembly on Janmashthami, which focused on Lord Krishna as a mentor, guide and ideal friend, and stressed his leadership qualities. The Class Prefect badges for the Primary Section were also awarded during this special assembly

Released a book in Bengali

At Assembly today, the students of Grade VI released a book in Bengali written by them " রাজস্থানেরকেল্লাযাত্রা " & " সবুজেরদেশে "

Teachers were also honoured at the same Assembly with Rajorshi Manna of Grade X - A singing a song in tribute to all teachers. This was followed by a short inspirational story told by Mr Lawrence Hartnett, and closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

Teachers Day

The students of GAIS celebrated Teachers Day with a lot of fun, frolic and entertainment. The celebration began with the cutting of the ceremonial cake, by our Principal Ma'am and other teachers. The entertainment package included songs, a drama-"Opposites" and several energetic dance performances. A special Rabindra Sangeet was dedicated to all the teachers. These pictures tell some of the story!

Ms. Salony Priya Workshop with Teachers

A special workshop on "Basic Counselling Skills for Educators & Administrator to act as Pastoral Guides" was organised at GAIS last Saturday. The workshop attended by 28 senior school teachers was spearheaded by special educator, Ms. Salony Priya. The 7 hour interactive session focused on Experiential learning, Skill Based training for Educators & Administrator, Addiction & Abuse, Convictions & belief systems and Basic idea & skills for counselling.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated

The pre-primary students of GAIS celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi by sketching, painting and decorating Lord Ganesha in their Art & Craft Activity Class.

Indian School of Business and Finance

On 9th of September 2016, resource persons from the Indian School of Business and Finance addressed our senior students. They shared options for future careers, opportunities available abroad, as well as courses offered by ISBF itself. The Question & Answer session that followed proved useful in clarifying doubts.

CIE Assembly 

On the onset of India's 70th Independence Day, a special themed assembly on “A salute to the mother land” was organized at GAIS. 
The Assembly began with a prayer and a pledge by students. Students paid tribute to freedom fighters for their great efforts, hard struggle and sacrifices made for the independence of our nation. A student of Grade IX sang a patriotic song in honour of our mother land.

Also on this day students who have excelled in the board examination were felicitated along with winners of Youth Fest 2016 and “Student of the Month” from all the grades.

Session with the Human Resource Department

The Senior School Students recently had a session with the Human Resource Department of GAIS, to understand the organizational structure of our school. They were briefed about the various aspects of employment, labour law compliance, administration functionalities and some aspects of recruitment, dismissal and chain of command.

Vishwakarma Puja

Throw your dreams into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back... a new life, a new friend...
Celebrating festivals is an important way to teach our children diversity of cultures and live harmoniously. Today at GAIS the students of primary and pre-primary flew kites along with their teachers to celebrate Vishwakarma Puja at the school premises.

August 2016

Salony Priya, noted Counseling Psychologist working at GAIS

Salony Priya, noted Counseling Psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development Training & Educational Consulting, conducted a workshop for the GAIS students. Effective Goal Setting, Enhancing Leadership Skills, dealing with choices and desires, were some of the topics they discussed. 
These psychological counseling programmes are very helpful in enabling and empowering adolescents to think positively about and for their futures. The children enjoyed the interactions.

Aakash Institute held an Orientation Programme in the school

Aakash Institute held an Orientation Programme in the school which was attended by students from grade 8 upwards along with their parents and teachers. It was a counseling session, aimed at introducing the tie-up between the school and Aakash Institute motivating the students about doing well and cracking the Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations. The information shared helped many of the senior school students get a perspective regarding the career choices they will be making in the future.

Fire Drill was Conducted in School

A fire drill was conducted in school by Mr. Kajol Sinha, Fire Engineer with the students of grades 2 to 10, along with all their teachers and other staff of the school. He specified all the Dos and Don't s to be observed in the event of a fire, and had the security staff demonstrate how children and adults should be evacuated in cases of injury, etc. It was a very useful exercise.

Annual Health Check-ups at GAIS

The school conducts annual health check-ups at which the school doctor carries out routine medical checks for all students, the reports of which will go to their annual report card. Students with coughs and colds, or viral fevers are treated by the doctor, and nursing staff and made to rest in the school infirmary. We encourage our students to maintain hygienic and healthy life styles so they don't fall ill too often.

An Inter-House Cricket Tournament

An Inter-House Cricket Tournament for boys was recently organized. There were some very exciting matches. The winners were ; Primary: Emerald; Middle School : Topaz; Senior School : Ruby.
The all round development of children continues to be a clear objective. 

International Youth Day (IYD)

International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues concerning the world's youth.
At GAIS today, the students entered, entertained and enjoyed themselves in the two major events of the day's celebrations ... JAM and a Ramp Walk...the students sang, performed magic and skits, a beat boxing number, and ended with a rousing fashion show. The results will be declared on 15th August 2016. 

Celebrated our Country’s 70th Independence Day

We celebrated our country’s 70th Independence Day in a special way this year. We invited senior citizens from an old age home, Shanti Niwas, to our Flag Hoisting ceremony. We felicitated them and handed over tokens to honour them. As part of the ceremony there was a March Past by the students, followed by the hoisting of the flag by the Principal. Our special guests were escorted home soon after with take-away snacks and fond memories.

An entertaining programme of dances and patriotic songs was presented by the students in the Sports Centre in honour of the occasion, concluding with the singing of the National Anthem.

ASISC Zonal Creative Writing Competition  

Anubhav Mukherjee of Grade VIII participated in the ASISC Zonal Creative Writing Competition and Mom Mondal of Grade VIII participated in ASISC Zonal Drawing Competition held on 20th August.

Nisha Dubey of Grade VIII made GAIS proud, by securing the 2nd position in the Preliminary Round of ASISC Declamation held on 20th August. 
Her topic was Sachin Tendulkar's Farewell Speech. 
Wishing Nisha all the very best for the next level of competition.

Grade VII students enacted a drama

Grade VII students enacted a drama, ‘The Boy Comes Home’ by A.A. Milne in their scheduled English Literature class today, as a part of their Non-Formal Assessments in Term 1. 
The students participated in auditions, idea-ted the costumes and also role-played in terms of cross-gender and dual-characters' performance. The entire class of VII participated in this act together, facilitated by their English Teacher.

June 2016

Edusports Partner League

At GEMS Akademia International School, systematic and planned endeavours are implemented to nurture the latent potential among the upcoming sportsmen and women through intensive training and structured theoretical classes in a variety of sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Billiards and Gymnastics as part of the Physical Education curriculum in the CIE and ICSE departments.

The three-day long Edusports Partner League [EPL] was kick-started by the HOS, Mr Lawrence William Hartnett and the Principal of GAIS, Mrs Aditi Mukherjee on 30th June’16. The parents of all the participants had been sent personal invitation letters prior in the week to be present during the event and provide support as well as encouragement to their children, thereby being a part of their holistic development through sporting education.

The students ranging from grades III to XII came up with a range of answers on being asked about what they had learnt from the EPL by the Principal before the Prize distribution ceremony. They shouted words like ‘Teamwork’, ‘Practice’, ‘Co-operation’, ‘Friendship’ and phrases like ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Giving the Best’ ! The school also benefitted from the successful staging of the first EPL by presenting an Intra-School Platform before the talented sporting individuals of the upcoming generation as well as communicating to the parents that they are welcome to mentor their children’s dreams while being assured about their quality education to qualify for global citizenship.

Parent's Day

Acknowledging the important role that parents play in the lives and progress of their children, GAIS celebrated Parent's Day, with some wounderful dances from the Pre-Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 children. GAIS also organised an interesting Quiz and a Team Building game for the parents. The programme was enthusiastically supported and appreciated by the parents and children alike

International Yoga Day

On International Yoga Day the students of GAIS performed several yajnas along with many others all over the world. Students are encouraged and expected to practise meditation and relaxing techniques while on the way to school. The benefits of yoga are explained often so that its practice becomes prevalent.

MAY 2016

Inter House Basketball Tournament

‪GEMS Akademia International School has organized an Inter house Basketball competition. It was held at the sports center in school campus from 11th to 13th of May,2016.. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz - Four houses participated in the game.Topaz house was declared the winner.

A Trip To The Town Hall

  On Tuesday, 10th Of May, 2016, the students of grades VII, VIII, IX CIE set out for a Field Trip to the Town Hall, Kolkata. A Town Hall personnel accompanied the ‪GEMS Akademia International School team through the audio-visual trail and explained in English even though an audio commentary was playing in Bengali in the backdrop. It started with Early Kolkata’s depiction, Monosha Mongol kabyo that talks about the city of Kolkata, Job Charnock’s contribution, Battle of Plassey, Bengal Renaissance, Founders of the Bengal Renaissance, Music of Kolkata, old instruments for playing songs, Photo Galleries on Mechanical Technology, Steamboats on Ganges, Electric Graph, Great Trigonometrical Survey. The tour proceeded through a Craft’s Village, the Indian Freedom Struggle, The Golden Time. The Panoramic Projection starting with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and ending with the freedom of India from the British Rule in 1947 was the highlight of the day! The tour was also took the team through the Sporting, Literary, Performing Arts and Celluloid domains of the City of Joy and finally ended with the gallery of Nobel Laureates who had worked in or belonged from Kolkata. The students posed for group photographs after completion of the Field Trip with their teachers outside the Town Hall and even in the School-bus. Students thoroughly enjoyed their journey back, having learnt immensely on the golden heritage of the city of Kolkata, once known as Calcutta, the Capital of British India.

Mother's Day Celebration

Mothers are Special. This Mother’s Day our students did something special for their mothers.

They wrote letters and made cards to honour their mothers for the love, care, sacrifice and selflessness they always have for their children.

An Educational Trip to BITM 

To give our young and inquisitive students of grade VI and VII an exposure to the wonders of Science and Technology, a visit to Birla Industrial & TechnologicalMuseum was organized by the ‪GEMS Akademia International School. Around 120 students along with 10 teachers visited BITM on 6th May 2016. 

Students were exposed to numerous science hands on models, where they learned various scientific concepts in fun ways.

Language Inter House Creative Writing Competition

The Language Department of ‪‎GEMS AkademiaInternational School organized ‘Srijani’, an Inter-House Creative Writing Competition (in Hindi, Bengali, Spanish and French) from 02.05.16 to 05.05.16 in the respective language classes. Interesting topics were assigned according to the various Grades of the students. The best compositions were judged on the basis of spelling, framing of sentences, vocabulary, content and presentation. Certificates were awarded to the winners by Mr. Lawrence William Hartnett at a special assembly on 13th May, 2016.

English Inter House Creative Writing Competition

 “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” – Gustave Flaubert

Writing is the primary basis upon which our work, our learning, and our intellect is judged. It helps us express who we are as individuals.
The Inter House Creative Writing Competition was organized by the Department of English on 25th April, 2016 to hone the writing skills of students and help them express their thoughts and ideas, The competition was held over two rounds where students were judged on the basis of their imagination, creativity, style, presentation, content and vocabulary.
The students participated very enthusiastically and expressed themselves quite creatively. The competition provided a welcome change from the daily classroom teaching – learning, and also a chance to develop their creative sides.

The Winners were awarded Certificates at a special Assembly on 13th May 2016.

Rabindra Jayanti

GAIS celebrated “Panchishe Baishakh” the 155th birth anniversary of the bard, Rabindranath Tagore on the 9th of May, 2016 Monday. Rabindranath Tagore is the poet who celebrated life and expressed every human emotion through his poetry. The students presented “Rhitu Ranga” or the Dance of the Season, a part of his famous dance-drama "Chandalika" was also staged by the students, here at GAIS. It celebrated life, colour and exuberance of the bard’s wonderful creations.

January 2016

School Annual Function 2016

The 31st. January was a very proud day for the Akademians, the first annual function of the school was held in Kala mandir in two parts. The junior school performing from 10 am to 12 noon and the senior school performing from 2 pm to 4 pm. The juniors took the audience all around the World introducing them to different characters and songs of various regions of the World. The seniors too gave an applauding performance with the grand finale standing out to be the best of performances

Nitrides: The rainbow material

Young students with curious mind, from GEMS Akademia international school participated in a scientific session was organised by BITM Kolkata in collaboration with British council on 28 January 2016. Students attended the session with much enthusiasm at around 10.30 am at BITM. The talk was graced by eminent scientist Professor Carol Trager Cowenfrom department of physics, University of Strathclyde. Professor Cowen gave an insight about gallium ( indium) nitrides, their generation, types, future research going on in making Nitride based semiconductor  Light emitting diodes(LEDs) and the difficulties faced by scientist all over the world in developing Red light emitting LEDs.

Professor Carol in a very lucid and easy way told the young group of students how these LEDs can be helpful in reducing energy consumption crisis, reduce global warming etc. During the talk students got an insight of the present international scenario in the fields of research and development in Nitride based semiconductor LEDs. The session concluded with Professor Carol answering in an interactive question answer session

A Thrill-filled Happy Street

The hostel students of grade I to V had a thrilling experience on the streets of Park Street on 17th. Of January. The students played cricket, football, street drawing and had fun dancing with their friends on a chilly winter morning. It was a wonderful experience for them as they enjoyed themselves in pollution and noise free streets of Kolkata. It was a privilege for the students to participate in the event organized by the school.

TTIS Challenge 2016

The prelims of the TTIS challenge 2016 were held from 20th. – 22nd. January, at City Center, Salt Lake. GAIS students of grade 10 and 11 participated in B-boying, X-factor and Tug-Of-War. They put up a good fight in the above mentioned events and learnt a lot from the other participants. Although the competition was very tough one GAIS managed to qualify for the 2nd. Round. It was really a good exposure for the students. 

A Visit to an old age Home

All the boarders from grades 7-12 got the opportunity to visit an old age home, ”The sisters of the poor” on 16th. January. Students distributed old clothes collected during the joy giving week, to the inmates of the home. The place was very neat and clean. The students sang songs for the inmates which they really enjoyed showered their blessings on them. The children prayed in the nearby chapel for the aged. After interaction with senior citizens, they were moved by the story of each of the inmates.

November 2015


Alchemia 2015, A Science fest was organized by GAIS on 27.11.15.Around 11 schools participated in various competitions, such as Quiz, Model making, Rangoli, Best out of waste, Cartoon Creation and photography. GAIS had also set up games stalls for fun and entertainment. GAIS students won laurels in all the categories except quiz.


Date: 24th Nov’ 2015 No. of participants: 31 students accompanied by 2counsellors, 1 special educator. 20 boarders and 11 day scholars went for a visit to Antara Gram to have an orientation on substance abuse. After initial introductory session, the students interacted with few inmates (mixed group of alcoholics,  drug  addicts,  smokers,  etc.)  along  with  a psychiatrist  specialised in substance abuse. Students got to know their case history:  how they started, how they got into addiction,  effect  on  their  social  and personal  lives, emotional  conditions  related  to  addiction,  physiological effects,  withdrawal  symptoms,  co-dependence  and substance  dependence,  treatment  and  relapse,  etc. Students even got practical evidence, in an open forum how an established engineer got into drug addiction and ruined his career and social life and spending his days in a rehab centre.  The patients  realised and  admitted,  “social  life  is not about whatsapp, tweeter and facebook….it’s your family and surroundings”.


We at GAIS respect and celebrate our diversity and recognize that there are many things that unite us all.

To celebrate this unity we organized 'World Culture Day' on Tuesday, 24th November. It was a day when the Primary Department represented different countries arround the World  which were Nepal, Africa, UAE, Thailand, Japan, Chaina, Spain India, Egypt, Australia and United Kingdom. The classrooms were decorated with artefacts that belonged to these countries. Children made passports which the used to visit these countries. They perform various dances, sang songs, recited poemsand sang national anthems of these countries. This made our students open-minded learners since they understood and appreciated cultures and were open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other indivisuals and communities.


GAIS Basketball Girls team participated in the Inter School Invitational Girls Basketball tournament held at Calcutta International School, from 23rd to 25th Nov’2015 . They went up to the semi-finals. This event helped the team in preparing themselves for the upcoming Inter School event ’ZAPPUS’ to be held at GAIS in December2015.


GAIS sent four teams, comprising of two members in each team, for the Peason National School Quiz 2015, held at the Rotary Club of Kolkata, on 18.11.15.GAIS qualified in the first round competing with 20 other schools. Students from grades 5 to 8 participated in the quiz. It was a big exposure for the students who gathered lots of information from the event.


The ASISC basketball nationals was held at Gandhinagar from 1st to 3rd of Nov 2015. GAIS played with Karnataka and Kerala in their league matches.Our school gave a good fight to the opponents. This first experience made them technically more matured and confident in the game.

September 2015


GAIS hosted the boys ASISC Basketball tournament on 10th and 11th of September.2015.Six schools participated in the events. They were St Francis Xavier, DPS New Town, The Heritage,St Marys and Joseph, Adamas International School, Sri Sri Academy and Gems Akademia International School. The chief guests who honoured the occasion were Miss Rekha Chowdhury, an Asian Basketball player and Mr Sujoy Biswas, President of ASISC West Bengal chapter.GIAS won the Junior Category against DPS New Town. The finals for the Senior Category was played between Sri Sri Academy and St Francis Xaviers.


 The Primary department organized educational trips to Victoria Memorial,BITM and Science City for grades 3,4 and 5 respectively. The students of grade 3 gained immense knowledge on the cultural heritage of West Bengal from the Victoria Memorial Trip.Grade 4 students enriched their experience on the universe and the heavenly bodies through their BITM trip. The demonstration inside the only Mock-up underground Coal Mine in India was the main attraction there.Grade 5 students had an exciting and thrilling experience on the Time Machine at Science City.They also learnt about the Earth and its universe, reflection and refraction.


GAIS students participated in ASISC Swimming competition held on 11th and 12th of September,2015, at IIT Kharagpur campus. Abhishek Singha Roy, Dharia Arora, Anurag Saha and Arnab Deb participated in the 50m Free Style, 50m Backstroke and 4*50m relay.The students were accompanied by Mr. Sujit Roy.

Inter House Creative Writing Competition


The creative writing Inter House Competition 'Srijoni' organised by the Language Department gave an opportunity to the students from grades 6 to 10 to go outside the bounds of normal academics and present their thoughts artistically through the topics " A day without studies", "If you were a teacher" and "A day in an island with your friends" . This resulted in exciting outcomes through all the four languages Bengali, Hindi, French and Spanish.

Inter House Poster Making Competition


GAIS Language department organised an Inter house poster making competition in which the students participated energetically with great zeal and enthusiasm. The preliminary round was held from 14th to 16th of September, 2015. The students brought out their imagination colourfully on the topic 'Go Green' supported by thought provoking slogans. The final round was held on the 24th of September, 2015 in which the selected participants from each language and house took part. The topic ' Swachh Bharat' was perfectly sketched and presented along with a slogan. Two winners from each grade.

Non-Flame Cooking

Cooking can actually be a great learning experience for kids. Some of these include how to cook, good hygiene and healthy eating habits. The best way to involve kids is to let them get hands-on. Most children learn quickly by doing tasks themselves.

One of the greatest benefits of letting kids cook is the sense of achievement and self-sufficiency that they experience. More importantly, they are likely to be less picky about eating food if they have helped to prepare it. Keeping all these facts in mind the students of Pre-primary prepared healthy salads and sandwiches in their classrooms and got to savour their own dishes. 

August 2015

The Bournvita Quiz Contest‘2015’

The Gems Akademia International School bid farewell to the month of August with the most challenging event of the year “The Bournvita quiz contest”. The responsibility for selecting and preparing the children for the same was taken up by teachers: Mr.Amrito Sengupta and Mrs.Sangeeta Karmakar. Students of grade seven and eight participated in it, both the teachers and the students put their heart and soul in preparing for the competition. Finally on 28/08/2015 the children comprising four teams of two each reached Gyan Manch at 9 in the morning. Despite all effort, our children scored a 20/25 while the highest score was 23 and second highest was 21, we missed it by 1 mark. It was indeed a tough competition in which out of 50+ schools only 6 were selected. Nevertheless we promise to strive harder next time and win the competition.

Educational trip to Science City 

Students went to Educational Trip on 24th Aug'15 arranged and organized by Science Department. Students enjoyed and learned lot of things through various shows like 3-D show, Adraline Rush and Dry Ice Show. They learned many new things such as about Sardines, dry ice, Nanotechnology etc. Also their concepts on various topics were cleared through hands on activities. Overall it was a very enriching learning experience for students. 

Field Trip To Jorashanko Thakurbari

Learning beyond classroom helps to unclip the wings of imagination of students. The minds of the young learners are free to explore and this makes learning more effective. So instead of learning about the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in classroom, the English and Language Department of GEMS Akademia International School organised a field trip to Jorasanko Thakurbari to get a glimpse of Kabiguru’s ancestral house where he spent most of his childhood days and took his last breath.The students visited the museum which offered details about the history of the Tagore family  including its involvement with the Bengal Renaissance and the Brahmo Samaj. The students also acquired a first hand knowledge of Tagore’s link with the outside world like China and America.The students noted down the important life events of Tagore and they were asked to submit a write up on Tagore’s life and works. The students also got a clear picture of an ancestral house which they were asked to describe in not less than 250 words under the topic ‘A Visit To An Ancestral House’. The students also appreciated the paintings of Abanindranath Tagore and realised that art is an expression of human soul. The visit to Jorasanko Thakurbari was an exhilarating experience for all and it helped to bridge the gap between education and practical learning.

Field  Trip From The Science Department to BITM

On 21.08.2015 students of grade 8 and 9 (ICSE) went for a field trip to BITM, Kolkata. In the trip they gained an immense scientific value on different scientific items they observed. They saw the 3D show where the students observed the show on the Great Wall of China, next they went to the special science show where they performed activity by themselves under the supervision of expert, next they went to the artificial coal mine which was spectacular for the students. At last they went to the experiment show on development in high voltage electricity from lightningand static electricity. In this programme the students participated themselves.

Visit to The Kolkata District Science Seminar at BITM

On 19 th  of August, 2015 BIRL INSTITUTE OF TECNOLOGICAL MEUSIUM organized a science seminar at the Kolkata district level. The topic of the seminar was HARNESSING OF LIGHT, POSSIBILITIES AND CHALLENGES. Twenty eight schools of Kolkata participated in the programme. It was of immense educational value for the student. ARHAM JAIN of grade-9 of our school, GEMS AKADEMIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL participated in this seminar. By attending this programme Arham Jain gained the confidence to speak in the public and learned how to use light for the benefit of mankind.

Rhyme Time

Rhymes are good for the brain. Not only does the repetition of rhymes and stories teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities. Rhyme books are often a child’s first experience with literacy: Even before they can read, children can sit and learn how a book works. This extends to the pictures and music associated with rhymes: it is a full visual and oral experience. The Kindergarteners and Grades 1 and 2 students even the shy ones—felt confident about singing, dancing and performing their favourite rhymes because they are so easy to grasp and had fun in the process.        

The Science City Trip on Aug 4th

It's 8:30 in the morning on a bright sunny day and we are sitting in the school bus on our journey to science city. We all are ecstatic about the visit as the exhibits are regarded as very good. We started our wonderful trip with a visit to our ancient predators. Then we watched a stunning 3 D movie about the aquatic African life and the beautiful coast of South Africa. Also, we watched another movie projected on a huge dome shaped theater. It was exhilarating to see Da Vinci's vision coming true in today's world. Mesmerized by all this we went on to visit a lecture on nano technology and enjoyed watching many models related to use of science. The models helped us to apply science in our day to day activities and we understood that a world without the application of science is difficult to imagine. We got to know that it is involved everywhere. Sometimes we instantly come to know about it while sometimes we have to get deep down in it. Also, to explain scientific ideas we do not require big instruments but through the things we use everyday science can be explored. We should not forget that it was just a fall of an apple which provoked Newton. All in all, it was a life time opportunity with great educational value and we all are grateful to our school for the visit.

July 2015

Investiture Ceremony 2015 @ GAIS

Leaders have the quality to transform a vision into reality. The squad of student leaders in the form of the Student Council of GEMS Akademia was formed on 31st July 2015 to ‘let their light shine’ and imbibe discipline and excellence among Akademians. The deliberation of the Council is in alignment to the vision and mission of the school INGENIO et LABORE……

Show-and- Tell 

The little ones of GAIS spoke confidently about their Favourite toys through Show-and-Tell. They demonstrated an understanding of listening and speaking skills for effective communication. The students spoke clearly, by guiding the listeners to understand important ideas, describe people, places, things and locations, thus  increasing their vocabulary by speaking in complete sentences, following and creating a sequence, and paraphrase about their favourite toys. 

May 2015


Rabindranath Tagore’s 154th birth anniversary, was commemorated on the 7th of this month, reminiscing his lifetime, at GEMS Akademia International School. There were sublime prayers, pleasant songs, delightful dances, a suggestive play and spoken words that encouraged and enlightened the students.

The programme began with the prayer, BIPADE MORE ROKHWA KARO, followed by HEY NATUN amidst the lighting of the candle and the offering of a garland of fresh flowers. The group song ORE GRIHABASHI and the prayer WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR were noteworthy. The group dance GAHON KUSHUM KUNJOMAJHE was a visual treat. Finally, TASHER DESH was enacted ... It was adapted to make it apt for our time. This drama which Tagore had written in 1930 is about a prince who liberates himself from the shackles of his mind, only to find himself on an island where totalitarianism is in practice. But ultimately he rouses women to revolt against the system. The art, music and clothes used in this are characteristic of colours and sounds that are not commonplace. The drama involves fancies about fate, society and radical changes that may be considered utopian.

The finale of this eventful day came about with a vote of thanks.


Labour Day @ GAIS

On 2nd May the Senior Management felicitated the team members of GAIS notably the ‘unsung heroes’ - the dedicated and efficient support staff of the school. By acknowledging the contribution of one and all, the school reaffirmed that it holds the GEMS core values of World Citizenship and Universal Values at the center of all its activities.

The programme began with an invocation which sought the blessings of the Almighty on everyone associated with the school. This was followed by a Kathak performance by two senior students. The incoming Principal, Ms Aditi Mukherjee, who assumed office on that day, was welcomed by the CEO, Mr Lalit Bhutoria, Management and the entire school. Thereafter the significance of Labour Day was explained to students and staff members. Follwing a special number from the teachers, some folk songs were put up by the members of the housekeeping staff, and solo singing performances from the staff, Estate Manager and the Transport Manager. There was also a skit by the Transport Department in addition to a song from the drivers. The students were very excited to see these staff performing such different roles.

Our Support Staff is the ‘backbone’ of the school and their often silent and unobtrusive service plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the organization. The Labour Day programme provided a perfect opportunity to recognize the contribution of these staff members. They were given a token of appreciation for the services rendered, and the best performing members were honoured by the Senior Management Team.

In her vote of thanks the Headmistress , Ms. Srabanti Basu, lauded the efforts of the staff members for putting up a commendable performance, and thanked them for their dedicated work throughout the year.

The function ended with the entire audience singing the National Anthem.


April 2015

World Dance Day @ GAIS

World Dance Day was celebrated in GAIS on the 29th of April,2015. The students from Grades 1 to 10 put together a show that comprised various dance genres, like Mixed Afro, Jive, Rock and Roll, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Cinematic Dances based on some hit movies. The entire presentation was stitched together with an appropriate commentary. There were no dull moments, and events followed one another in rapid succession. The GAIS Sports Centre reverberated to the beat and rhythm, and everyone present enjoyed the celebration of dance, music and movement.

Table Etiquettes     

Manners are important as good manners give children a huge social advantage – by understanding good manners they understand what is socially acceptable behaviour, it gives them the skills to get on with others and very importantly be liked by both peers and adults. By understanding basic table manners, children are at a considerable advantage as they have the skills and confidence to eat appropriately and follow the correct Table Etiquettes at any social gathering/restaurants. Keeping these in mind the classrooms of Pre Primary sections were converted into restaurants where the little ones were guided about the various do’s and don’ts to be followed while eating out at a restaurant. 

World Book Day - DEAR 

World Book Day is an annual event celebrated by people in over 100 countries all over the world on the 23rd of April. It is a very important event organized annually by UNESCO to promote reading. The date was chosen as it is the death anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all of whom died on the same day in 1616. It is also the date of birth or death of other prominent authors.

This day helps encourage people, especially young people, to read books, to discover the pleasure and knowledge contained in them . and through the power of the printed word give rise to new thinking, inspiration for the future, and learning from the past to prepare for the future.

At GAIS 23rd April is celebrated with the D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) programme throughout the school . All students , teachers , Admin. staff and visitors are encouraged to read through this event .

The young Stars blazed away! Sixes, Fours and the techniqueswere mind blowing. GAIS team won the match

Grandparents’ Day 2017 — at GEMS Akademia International School.