Parents Testimonials

 I am very thankful to GEMS Akademia International  School as I have seen a great improvement in my son after he joined GAIS.  He was an average student and hence remained neglected in his previous school.  However, GAIS recognized his passion for sports, groomed him enough to be a member of the school football team, instilling a deep sense of achievement in him.  The applaud that he received helped him improve his self-esteem which translated into increased confidence and better grades.  Not just this, the counselors and teachers supported him through a personal crisis he faced last year, so much so that I feel I could not have helped him as well as they did.  I really appreciated all that the school has done for my son.

MR KAMAL JAIN (SERVICE, HOWRAH) – Father of Sumit Jain

 We hail from a small town in West Bengal and always wanted our son to grow up into an individual who is equipped to face the modern world.  GAIS helped my child gain the confidence to stand amongst the best students from other schools. Here, equal emphasis is placed on academics, sports, art and life skills.  My child, thanks to GAIS is now an accomplished dancer while also being a student of science.  The teaching practices of the school nurtured his potential by keeping his strengths and interests in mind.  Today, he is more balanced in his approach towards both is academics and other areas of interest.  The school has instilled values of discipline, culture and humanity in him.  I thank GAIS for all the opportunities provided to my son.


 About two years ago, I sent my 14 year old girl to GAIS boarding school.  I’d have to say that I couldn’t have missed her more, but in the end, it was all worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, my child is very smart , but she always failed in math.  When my child back.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s amazing how her grades went up (EVEN IN MATH) and now she’s more mature and independent than ever.  She said that she had the best time of her life at GEMS Akademia and she’ll do it over and over again if she could.  Of course while she was there, we talked on Skype every week and she always bragged about how beautiful the place is and how much it helps here want to learn more.,   She also introduced me to many of the friends she gained.  She said that in that whole year, even the learning was fun.


 People have a stereotypical saying that kinds who go to boarding schools don’t see their parents.  GAIS boarding school and teachers are very practical.  Children go home and meet their parents probably every week if they have opted for weekly boarding.   Summer break is for weeks.  Mid-term/Puja break is four weeks.  As well in winder, the students have ten to fifteen days break.  What more……so  don’t jump to conclusions about how bad boarding schools are? They aren’t bad and I know from first hand experience.  Anyway, tomorrow, I’m sending my child there again after a session break GAIS boarding school is so great and beautiful, with many outstanding academic and sports activities and above all they have caring and sincere wardens and teachers.

MR. SHABADEB CHOWDHURY (SCIENTIST  U.S.A) – Father of Sohom Chowdhury

 My son and daughter are both in GAIS Boarding.  I have seen a positive change in my children.  They have learnt to become more responsible, independent and confident.  The school has taught them to adjust with different people and in different situations easily, while also helping them to achieve their academic ambitions.  The school has taken care to provide the right environment to help my children blossom in their own right 

MR. RAVI SARAF –  Father of Prachi & Adityo Saraf

 I am very happy with GAIS Boarding.  Students here have 24 x 7 access to teachers and learning facilities and supervised homework sessions each evening, which translated into far better grades.  Wardens at GAIS are very dedicated and friendly.  Students develop a sense of independence while still being in a safe  and secure, supervised environment.  Travel time to and from school is eliminated, allowing more time for study, sports and social interactions.  Students also learn to live with others outside the family and the life skills that go along with this. In boarding schools, students could go bold and could face difficult situations well. Since they are away from parents, they become independent and they have to be responsible for their own act.  For my son, their roughly translates to increased maturity, greater self-sufficiency, and superior preparation for college.

MR RATAN KUMAR MAJUMDER (SERVICE, BANGLADESH) - Father of Arunangshu Majumder Raatul

 Children, by going to boarding school, gain independence and a sense of familiar community that cannot be compared with day school.  They are surrounded by their peers where they learn how to interact with their peers, they learn from each other and gain sympathy, empathy, and understanding of other people and their lifestyles.  They are given opportunities unavailable to everyone else, the change to learn and be friends with people from all round the world.  Children these days need to understand life is no bed of roses, it’s tough, GAIS Boarding ensures a supervised and ideal learning environment for both my children.

MR. MOHAMMAD KAIFI (SERVICE, UAE) – Father of Afsan Adbi  & Farhan Adbi



Student Testimonials

 I feel privileged to be a student of GAIS. My school has guided me not only academically, but has also given me an exposure to various sports like Basket ball, Football and Cricket. The school has helped me develop important life skills that have made me more responsible and instilled leadership qualities in me. The school environment nurtures us to be ethical, open minded, caring, positive, inquiring, reflective and lifelong learners. With the help of my teachers, I have learnt to identify my strengths, scaffold my areas of improvement, use technology to improve and enhance my skills and achieve my goals.

Farhan Adbi – Grade XI 

 It is my proud privilege to be a student of GAIS. Here, we are guided not only academically but in other spheres as well – like sports and games, performing arts and above all character building. GAIS has given me a lot of exposure to nurture a positive attitude, accept personal challenges and overcome them, develop feelings of respect, empathy and care for others and grow into a wholesome personality. Our school provides us with serene, tranquil environment which encourages positivity and desire to be ‘lifelong learners’.

Tanmay Saraswa – Grade IX

 I feel privileged to be a part of GAIS, which inspires me to think and encourages me to create. My school has interactive classrooms, sports facilities, plenty of laboratories etc. We host and participate in regular sporting and academic competitions and co curricular activities. We learn, not only in classrooms but also outdoors, through field & industrial visits which help us place our knowledge in real life context. Visits from experts give us an overview of the career options available to us. The school is preparing me well to face the real world challenges.

Jahanvi Shaw – Grade X

 GAIS, with its vast array of academic and co curricular facilities, makes me a proud Akademian. We enjoy a friendly teacher student relationship wherein we trust our teachers and seek constant guidance from them. The numerous competitive activities organized and participated by our school help bring out the latent talent in all of us. GAIS is, in my opinion, one of the best schools in the world.

Amman Augustin – Grade X

 “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in a human being and plays a vital role in one’s life.’’

To spread roots of good quality education, GAIS provides the students with great infrastructure and open minded education. The caring and dedicated faculty members help the students pave a strong and independent path for the future. Students are exposed to academics and also in sports and other co curricular activities like dancing, singing, debate, gardening etc, allowing us to follow our passion.

Harsh Jalan – Grade XI

 GAIS shapes their students to become principled, open minded, caring and reflective. The infrastructure and dedicated faculty members provide the students with holistic education. The balance between the eco friendly environment, technological support, academic excellence and co-curricular activities help the students shape their natural talent in a disciplined manner and lead them towards becoming responsible citizens of the future.

Balraj Jha Anand – Grade XI



Teacher Testimonials

 I feel privileged to be a part of the GAIS family. I always wanted to work with a school with International standards and practices. This school has given me exposure and helped me to develop professionally to educate students from all over the world. We have implemented teaching practices which are being practiced globally. I have been given the freedom to experiment with various modern teaching practices which will help our students become lifelong learners.

Anwesha Ray (Coordinator & Teacher)

 Joined GAIS a year ago – coming down from UAE the teaching experience here was inspiring. The management gave me a free hand to incorporate and use new teaching practices and methodologies in my class room. Being true to the concept of “learning is a continuous process” – I was sent for regular workshops – in house and outside to polish and upgrade teaching skills and methodologies. I feel privileged to be a part of this  prestigious organization .

Sumita Chatterjee  (Pre Primary & Primary Coordinator)

 I personally believe GEMS Akademia International School is one of the best places to work as teacher; as GAIS is committed to the success of every child and concurrently growth of every staff.  The state-of-the-art infrastructure and forward-looking technology available in GAIS provides unparalleled opportunity to meet the challenges of tomorrow. GAIS allows me to express my views, try out new teaching methodologies and share good practices with my colleagues & students. 

Gouri Bhattacharya (Science Department)